The School of Communication and Creative Industries supports students to gain international experience during their studies. As well as traditional exchange, our students have access to specially designed short term programs through CSU Global

Credit for Travel

SCCI students can receive academic credit for short term travel and study programs, whether organised by CSU or independently. While travelling, students complete CCI106 Communication and Creative Industries International Experience 1 or CCI107 Communication and Creative Industries International Experience 2, which can be counted as an elective in most programs. Three assessments in these subjects guide students through pre-departure planning, on the ground fieldnotes, and a short reflective or creative work when returning home.

Short term programs

All short term programs are subject to change and availability. Check the CSU Global website for full information and applications.

Makhampom, Thailand

The annual Makhampom applied theatre experience in Thailand is designed for students undertaking performance or theatre-based courses at CSU (others welcome by negotiation). Students undertake a program of workshops, community activities, discussion, and presentation, accompanied by a rich social and cultural experience with other international participants, with the Makhampom team, and with the Chiang Dao community, including opportunities to enjoy caves, hot springs, waterfalls, rivers, and mountain temples of the beautiful northern Thailand environment.

Immersion in Islamic Art, Malaysia

This two-week program guided by Dr Sam Bowker offers the chance to experience one of the world’s largest Islamic art collections at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM). Students get behind-the-scenes insights into the working of the museum. You’ll observe art handling processes, conservation practices and resources, exhibition planning and art acquisitions. The tour also takes in the Malaysian cities of Penang and Melaka.

Media and Cultural Studies in Japan

Spend two weeks on a media studies cultural excursion to Japan studying the integration of art history in contemporary media. You’ll visit Saitama University to attend lectures and workshops on traditional Japanese theatre, art history, and their integration in modern contexts. Students will visit Tokyo, Hiroshima, Himeji (day trip), Miyajima (day trip) and Tomonoura.

Journalism in Timor Leste

This is a rare opportunity to gain real life experience in a range of media settings, whilst contributing to your own professional development and that of your Timorese colleagues. The project will see you working as hard-copy and online reporters gathering your own stories (from the Australian Embassy and the local Dili community) and sub-editing (in English) the stories of local reporters. As well, you will be involved in skills sharing with early career Timorese journalists.

Phnom Penh, Samor Prei Kuk, and Siem Reap, Cambodia

Antipodeans hosts a 3 week communication, creative arts, and business placement in Cambodia. The aim of this placement is to build tourism and commercial capacity in the community of Sambor Prei kuk, a rural cluster of villages on the main road between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. These villages surround a forested area that contains many ancient ruins, similar to those found at the Angkor Watt Temple complex. Built in the 7th Century, these untouched temple ruins and their incredible cultural heritage are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.