Careers in communication and creative industries range across industries and across the globe. In some cases, students will train for a specific role throughout their study, while in others they will make and find new roles that didn’t exist when they started. Whether in advertising and public relations, design, performance, journalism, radio, digital and interactive media, photography or film, CSU graduates demonstrate ingenuity, creativity, and an ability to get the job done.

Internships and Workplace Learning

By enrolling in an internship or workplace learning subject (such as COM321 Communication Work Placement), students have an opportunity to put their expertise to use outside of CSU. Students can find a placement themselves or seek support from our staff for a dream placement.

COM321 Communication Work Placement

COM321 is a compulsory part of some SCCI degrees and can be taken as an elective in others. Simply enroll in this subject either when you have a placement lined up or when it suits your enrolment pattern. Then, you will complete pre-placement paperwork (assessment 1), in-placement fieldnotes (assessment 2), and a short reflective piece while undertaking a placement (or multiple placements) of 140 hours or 4 weeks (or equivalent).

CCI302 Emergent Professional

CCI302 is another key component of our career-aligned learning strategy at CSU. In this subject, students will participate in activities to prepare for their future career, including:

  • seminars on how to start and run a business
  • CV preparation and refining
  • job search strategies and application
  • critical self-reflection
  • development of a portfolio
  • lifelong education

Graduate Outcomes

SCCI has a history of producing extraordinary graduates and graduate outcomes. The 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal demonstrates that CSU graduates are more likely to be employed and have higher salaries than graduates from all other Australian Universities.

The results in communication and creative industries are equally impressive. CSU communication graduates have full time employment rates of 75.8% compared to a national average of 58.3%. In creative arts, CSU graduates have median salaries of $1,100 more than their counterparts from other universities.