Glitch 2017

Glitch 17 showcased major works completed by students in COM229 (Directing the Documentary). A film night was held 7pm – 9.30pm on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at the Ponton Theatre on the Bathurst CSU campus.

  • The Judges’ Prize was won by James Oste, for Momentum.
  • The People’s Choice Prize was won by Sam Rodwell for The Aqua Resistance, with a supplementary People’s Choice Prize won by Lucy King for Rescued.
  • The Student Excellence Prize was won by Emma Woodbright for Bad Company.

Here’s the FACEBOOK GROUP for the Glitch festival.

Students gave their permission for the following films to be screened publicly at the Ponton theatre and accessed online via this page.

Rescued Dir Lucy King

Rescued staffordshire terrier Khan finds a new home.

Our Community Radio Dir Nick Everard

Keeping community radio on the airwaves.

Chasing Fish Dir Monica Hyde

It can be hard being in a long-distance relationship.

Points of Contact Dir Tom Dennis

A young photographer and his father collaborate to produce an exhibition.

Underwater Magic Dir Kat Richardson

It’s fun to be a part-time mermaid.

The Acqua Resistance Dir Samuel Rodwell

Saving a pristine aquifer from an industrial park development.

Inside Dingy Model Life Dir Sienna Dillon

Model and extra Joey Dillon lets us see the dingier side of her sometimes glam life.

War on Waste Dir Brigette Honeyman

CSU students tackling the mountains of waste that goes into landfill.

By the brush Dir Alexandra Moon

A Bathurst artist talks about living by the brush.

Coming Out: Stopping the Stigma Dir Louise Muscolino

A personal story of coming out despite the stigma.

Momentum Dir James Oste 8 min

An elderly man finds a quirky transport solution when he loses his driver’s licence.

F I R S T Dir Jana Vass

There’s a first time for everything.

Bad Company Dir Emma Woodbright

Will James Woodbright win the ute muster with his feral ute?

Exalt the human spirit Dir Zoe Floyd

Through the ages, music has taken us beyond the everyday.

Jenolan Caves Dir Giamia Radice

Cave guide Giamia Radice takes us inside an underground wonderland.

Talking Funny Dir Cassie Merritt

A young man begins to make his way on radio and in comedy

Grind Dir Kaelan Fardell

It takes persistence to get to the top of a computer game.

(Not available from this site – available to be shown in the Ponton Theatre only)

Growing up in the Southern Highlands Dir Kiara Martin

It’s small and quiet and a long way from anywhere – and a nice place to grow up.
(Link may not be immediately available)

The Resilience of Pang Daeng Dir Sophie Fitzgerald

United in Song Dir Joshua Meyers

A Bathurst male choir gets together for music and friendship.

See Dir Penny Gleeson

If you lost your sight, would you remember the beauty of the world?

Cost of living: a student Guide Dir Emily Toshack

Comparing the cost of living at home, on campus and independently.