SACRED celebrates the collective power of women by elevating the ideas they hold sacred. Loosely based on shrines, the work in the exhibition offers many different points of view through a range of mediums. Each work radiates with the mystery and charm of its creator and celebrates varying subjects from screen icons to a mother’s sleeping sounds. This show invites you to behold the voices of female artists and ask yourself, what do you hold sacred?

Curated by Adele Packer and Kate Allman, SACRED brings together artists from regional and metropolitan backgrounds to celebrate the things, ideas and values they honour. The work in SACRED does not respond to one definition of the word, but it connects each artist through shared feelings of adoration, obsession and devotion. The exhibition’s multidisciplinary nature highlights the distinct style of each artist and amplifies her unique voice.

Featuring work by Jordy Bos, Ruth Cummins, Missy Dempsey,  Joyce Hampton, Sophie Joyce, Sarah McEwan, Julie Montgarrett, Vicky Okot, Cassandra Pomroy, Lorraine Tye.