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Who are we?

CSU’s Communication and Creative Industries courses foster an environment of innovation, creativity and critical thinking in teaching, research and professional practice to enhance society and culture. Our courses are designed with the future in mind. A variety of specialisations and regular course renewals strengthen our graduates’ job prospects and future-proof their careers.

Our programs enable students to select subjects across discipline areas, making our graduates more widely skilled and employable in the changing work environment. Our students are given the opportunity to tailor their study by choosing elective subjects from a broad range of options, enriching their professional experience and allowing them to specialise in an area that they are truly passionate about.

Students are given more flexibility and versatility with the opportunity to blend a range of subjects across the three program areas. Our courses offer a combination of creative, theoretical and practical studies with access to world-class learning spaces and technologies which mirror the ever-changing digital environments and industry demands. CSU’s Communication and Creative Industries courses have always set the pace in combining creative practices and practice-led research with sound communication theories.

What our Students say

 CSU has created and enriched my passion for the theatre. The course has given me a ‘can-do’, hardworking attitude and a wide knowledge of all the theatrical disciplines – management, set, lights, sound, acting, directing. The course has shaped me so I can tackle any problem and be thrown into any job and flourish.
Lucy Harrison, Theatre / Media
I came to CSU with the promise of a professional industry experience and real-world challenges, and my time here has definitely delivered – including multiple projects in Kajulu Communications, internships, scholarship opportunities and extracurricular activities. CSU offers the ultimate learning environment and has been a place of fulfilling personal and professional achievement.
Elizabeth Stevens, Advertising / Marketing