Arts & Education Equipment Stores


Building 1399 store

Equipment available to hire:

  • dSLR Camera Kits (Canon 700D, Canon 80D)
  • Digital sound recording Kits (basic to professional grade)
  • Video Camera Kits
  • Lighting kits for video
  • AV presentation equipment
  • Tripods and other AV accessories

Building 1454 store

Equipment available to hire:

  • Theatrical and Special Event Lighting equipment
  • Theatrical and Special Event Sound equipment
  • Performative AV equipment
  • Staging support and supplies
  • Stage and event communication accessories
  • Circus and physical theatre gear

Wagga Wagga

Building 21 store

Equipment available to hire:

  • dSLR camera kits (ranging from entry grade kits, to professional grade kits)
  • Specialist dSLR lenses
  • Photographic studio lighting (monoblocks) and accessories
  • Tripods and other photographic accessories
  • AVFX specialist equipment
  • Wacom drawing tablets

Building 74 store

Equipment available to hire:

  • Broadcast video cameras
  • Camera Support accessories
  • Video lighting equipment
  • Sound mixing and recording
  • Microphones
  • Video monitoring equipment

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