Author Topic: For those interested in zeitgeist  (Read 1426 times)

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For those interested in zeitgeist
« on: March 30, 2009, 01:15:51 AM »
Recently i visted Vatican city less than a year ago.

I'm not going to go into any explanations, but i did some of my own research there and discovered startling images and artworks.

This sun symbol was taken at the back of the holiest church in the world. It is also hidden and i found it very hard to lean over the barrier and take this without anyone noticing. it resides above where the priest reads his sermons, but they don't do it in that area anymore.

there are sun symbols everywhere, and every non-modern depiction of jesus' followers etc had a sun symbol behind their head, they don't do that anymore.

And as they say amen at the end of a prayer "AMEN: An Egyptian divinity Ö He was worshipped Ö as Amen-Ra or ĎAmen the Suní."

Now this image is the most startling.
I had to line up for ages to get into this room, with guards everywhere. and a constant yelling not to take photo's.

I presumed it was because you could buy photo's so in the souvenir shop i wanted a picture of this, but every single one i could find has this guy that Michael Angelo painted CUT OFF.

You can only go one way because there are guards on every corridor guiding people. I managed to pretend i was walking backwards to take photo's of the corridor ceiling and then move to the next guard and repeat this until i got back to the chapel.

With a few adjustments on my camera i took this blurry photo that has been enhanced to show more clearly.

Why is this picture of a GIANT FISH so important?
Jesus was at the beginning of the pieces era, which is represented by a FISH. the era before this is represented by a woman holding sheathes of wheat.
Apparently jesus was born in Bethlehem, which literally translates to "House of Bread", hence the wheat.

now i'm not going to go into any sort of conspiracy theory here, but it's interesting for people who want to know about it, and this is just a taste of the strange behaviors of the catholic religion.

why is 2012 so relevant in most historical/religious manuscripts, like the Mayans for e.g. Because we are literally going into a new 'era' on the astrological chart. horoscopes have nothing to do with this. they are outdated by the earth's tilt.

Will anything happen in 2012? Who knows, but one thing will stay the same, and that's the hidden astrological misinterpretation which is now known as 'the bible'.


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Re: For those interested in zeitgeist
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2009, 02:04:04 AM »
For those interest in Zeitgeist: The Movie, it was released on 26th June 2007 for free online and director Peter Joseph claims the documentaries have been watched by 50 million people worldwide. The IMDB and Wikipedia community fiercely love / hate the film but the media has largely dismissed it due its reliance on conspiracy theories over evidence. Mixing genuinely fasinating facts with fear/superstition without citation, itís not a film of repute but should be entertaining enough to mess with peopleís heads. ;D