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D&D 4th Edition
« on: June 09, 2008, 04:57:28 PM »
Well, it's hardly a secret here that I'm a total geek, and that means that I probably enjoy a tabletop game of some sort.

In my particular line, that's Dungeons and Dragons, and the 4th edition just exploded (very quietly) onto the world on Friday.
Cuddled up with my new bedtime reading, I've got to say, the game's been very streamlined. What makes most people avoid these games are two things: Complexity and Cost, the latter of which has kept me out of many games (that, and the whole horror of being branded 'geek', something I don't think many animators and multimedia people should fear). However, D&D's new core system for 4.0 has managed to make the game far simpler and quicker to play (as with most editions), but still retains most of its original depth. It's getting closer and closer to what could be (you know, if it wasn't for all the industry bias that D&D goes through) a consumer game.
However, I understand if people aren't ready to relinquish their good ol' 3.5 game, what for familiarity and price (I never did buy the 3.5 books, so 4th edition seemed good enough for me).

Well, I imagine this topic may become lined with ideals of why people don't play it, but if you can relate at all, even if it's another tabletop game, go for it. :)
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Re: D&D 4th Edition
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2008, 08:59:38 AM »
Wow I havent played D&D for years, its been a few re-incarnations since what i was used to. I mostly play the white wolf series of pen and paper role playing games (mostly Vampire: Requeim in World of Darkness setting). But again, so enormously expensive (although they are very sexy books) that its hard some times to justify the amount of cash.

Do you have a group of players? And do you go to the RGA meetings? If not talk to one of the gamer guys at Logical Choice they can probably tell you about the Riverina Gamers Association. They have a meeting hall which they run games from fortnightly or something... and membership is really cheap from memory. If you dont know any local players and want to, it might be worth checking out.