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Title: Terrence Malick
Post by: bernsul on March 21, 2011, 02:59:39 PM
Well the director I have been watching this week has been Terrence Malick, another wirter director. I saw Days of Heaven a few weeks ago and this week I saw the THin Red Line and New World. All have won awards for Cinematography. He uses some interesting techniques such as shooting a lot of footage of the natural world and then integrating it into the editing process. He also uses an interesting voice over technique which is different to any other use I have seen of it. He also tackles interesting themes. In New World, concepts of truth and allegiance to partner, tribe etc and in The Thin Red Line, the nature of life and death, spirituality, good and evil. The most philosophical war movie I have seen with a good cast. Trademark of these films is beautiful photography that is often shot in natural light at interesting times of day. I feel that these type of films will add depth to my animation and visual story telling skills.

Title: Re: Terrence Malick
Post by: rowan on March 23, 2011, 11:46:18 AM
I imagine they would Bernard, where do you find the time to watch these films...?

<3 Rowan