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Maya / Autodesk Maya 2008
« on: August 07, 2007, 12:14:08 PM »
Unlike previous releases when an announcement amounted to immediate availability, Autodesk Maya 2008 is on the way. This won’t affect you unless you’re intending to buy the latest release and wish to hold back until it’s shipped (and that will be a while). Using the free Maya 8.5 PLE could be good for practice in the meantime, otherwise use the Animation and Visual Effects Studio to its full glory (when ready...) ;)

Maya / Re: Maya 8.5 and Vista
« on: August 06, 2007, 07:32:19 AM »
Officially No, but unofficially yes. We'll soon discover any problems as I'll be demonstrating Maya on Vista throughout this semester. ;D

Television / Unmissable Saturday Night TV
« on: August 04, 2007, 01:45:33 PM »
Although I’ve not yet watched it and won’t be held accountable if you think it sucks, The Lazarus Experiment is tonight’s Doctor Who on ABC at 7:30PM and is essential viewing for every Animation and Visual Effects / Multimedia student. Essentially a perfectly formed 45-minute monster story, this episode has won enormous praise in the UK and apparently defies audiences expectations of what constitutes quality television versus cinema viewing. Find out why tonight and then maybe visit the episodes site (Warning: Spoilers) after seeing what you think. ;D

Yes, it was quite a pleasant little impromptu evening of unmitigated goodness and a surprising majority managed to turn up which was really fantastic. Those unable to attend had effigies placed in their honour and were spoken about as if they were there to defend themselves. The food and drink were welcome alternatives to chips and caffeinated drinks and no one brought a laptop or spent the night text messaging as a way of avoiding their present company. Only one person demonstrated why lecturers don’t socialise with students by prying for their results and then posting that I had two beers and a Monster Cookie as if they were some inside scoop student paparazzi. Next there’ll be unwarranted rumours of Smurf droppings. And if that makes no sense, you’ll need to turn up next time. We may do something again next semester. In the meantime I hope you enjoy your holiday and regularly check the forum as important posts will be made before the July break. ;D

It’s all good. I believe there is justifiable criticism that the uni must confront with regards to certain aspects of the running of the degrees and didn’t wish to single out one student’s offhand commentary. The reason for what may be dismissed as a defensive reaction is to rapidly halt what we clearly know to be an issue and protect the new students from unfair parallels. I would deeply regret any friction between Multimedia and Animation and Visual Effects as exampled by other courses mentioned above.

As suggested in the original post, it would be fantastic to also unite the Multimedia students after the first year function and wonder what it would take to convince Johannes of a lovely dinner (from a student’s perspective, not to seduce him)? I leave that as an enjoyable challenge for the class to solve.

Either way, I hope we all get to conclude the term with sense of wellbeing and celebrate in such rewarding company. Maybe after the AVFX student’s dinner we could all gatecrash whatever party TV’s got going on? Maybe even jewellery? Or, if we wanted to fester in comparisons of the universities investments towards new courses; veterinary science anyone? So until the next student shocks me with your deepest darkest most personal desires in a momentary lapse of inebriated honesty, I’ll hope to see you all Friday! ;D

Suggestions / Caution with fractioning
« on: June 13, 2007, 11:21:39 PM »
to celebrate I say let all MM 3rd year organise a cold and shivering group outside YOUR event, complete with hostile stares and sad eyes... MM's are being shunted aside in lou of Hages new golden students *sob* :D

Perhaps on you can feast on the scraps that fall from our balcony?

Only joking! Of course you’d be welcome in, we could use another waiter. ;)

On a serious note though, first year students should be given an independent night to celebrate and not be subject to any prejudices being demonstrated of late. I particularly take exemption towards any suggestion, in jest or otherwise, that I personally haven’t given everything to Multimedia students to promote themselves and the course in full. The sacrifices I continue to make to guarantee every student the best opportunities are only equalled by my pride of when you do eventually succeed (and while it often doesn’t happen during uni you will get it one day). I would like to remind such students that I am not their course co-ordinator and whilst I wholeheartedly strive to provide a prominent positive influence, I do not appreciate myself or the new degree being the scapegoats of any of its perceived deficiencies. In other words, please show some care towards the new students and reconsider any personal attacks made towards your strongest advocate.

On the lighter side, they can’t be that bright...
Also, for the sake of simplicity, perhaps this should be made into a poll?

Maybe the lecturers need drinks after all? ;D

Suggestions / Animation and Visual Effects celebrates a good start
« on: June 13, 2007, 06:49:06 PM »
Dear Animation and Visual Effects birthlings,

As we draw to a close of the first semester of 2007 Damian and I reflect upon an optimistic and rewarding start to the new degree and believe maybe a humble celebration is in order. We haven’t lost any students as typical in the initiation of most degrees (nor wish to), witnessed an overall high quality of potential, and even those members of the class cocooned by bad practice give the impression their confronting their afflictions (or else there’s going to be a serious intervention from us). All in all, it motivates us to invest our efforts with the same enthusiasm to make this course all you could make it to be.

We’re considering an official yet humble function, or at least endorsing one, to celebrate the first 6 months of the new Animation and Visual Effects degree. Please vote for either a lunch-time event or an evening dinner and we’ll take it from there. It’s assumed you will probably want to be at a licensed venue but note that Damian and I are far too respectable to get hammered by shots with students and hear them spill humiliating drunken adulation in order to suck up and score a better grade. :P Just joking, we’re after a relaxed and informal atmosphere but draw the line at group hugs.  ;)

With respect to those within the Multimedia degree, this is exclusively for the Animation and Visual Effects students and although there remain striking similarities between the degrees, this is nevertheless a unique cohort of new students trying to establish their own identity. I obviously have a close affinity for every student enrolled within Multimedia in Animation and Special Effects and would like to extend the invitation to join as after the preliminary lunch/dinner is over.

The date is set for this Friday 15th June and now we need to determine where and when? ;D

Dear Forum Members,

The Australian International Animation Festival has long passed and may be a distant memory, but could we please revisit if for a few vital minutes for the sake of future events. As you would already be aware a huge debt of gratitude has gone towards all the people who made this momentous event possible and I honestly believe the festival is always a tremendous achievement that we can only hope to improve upon every year.

To be fair though, the numbers had declined this year and the festival was not a profitable venture. Instead of receiving acclaim, I’ve taken reasonable criticism for its lack of commercial success and now find myself having to justify whether Charles Sturt University should be affiliated with the event; should it actually return. Obviously this has had a demoralising effect but I’d like to think the festival has far greater value than the ticket sales suggest.

To be precise I have been asked to “give reasons for the School to support this venture next year.”

I know that there is already a similar thread titled Post-Animation Festival but I would greatly appreciate hearing the candid opinions from those who did or did not attend the festival to answer this. I’ll include these comments in my response to the university so it’s really important that you add your view now.

Thanks in advance,
Andrew. ;D

Suggestions / Road Trip?
« on: May 30, 2007, 12:33:01 AM »
Its early days and staff have more urgent priorities to address but we think it may be worthwhile taking a road trip to Melbourne next semester and wonder if the 1st year Animation and Visual Effects students are interested? This offer could be extended to Multimedia students if there is overwhelming support. What for? The Pixar: 20 Years of Animation Exhibition. ;D

Community Projects / Re: Animation Festival Promotion
« on: May 17, 2007, 05:12:58 PM »
Thanks to everyone intending on pitching in, all help is sincerely appreciated. Just note though that program schedule originally posted in this forum is old and the information on the flyer and website has the latest session times. Note that the feature talk by Malcolm Turner originally slated for 1PM has moved to Saturday and one of the Sunday workshops was cancelled. Any more information I can provide I will so keep an eye on the forum in the lead-up to the festival. Thanks again for all the assistance, greatly appreciated. :)

Web / Re: Animation festival...
« on: May 14, 2007, 08:39:46 AM »
Probably best to state that you’ve posted a link to Doll Face, one of the films premiering at the festival, so people can opt if they want to see a heavily compressed version before the event or wait to see it as intended on the big screen. The truth is many of these films can be sourced either directly from the director (as this prelude link with the invitation to screen at festival does), or through less scrupulous channels.

We’re quite aware of the complexities faced by animators considering digital distribution and firmly believe they should take advantage of any medium that promotes their art. No animator enjoys their work being pirated and distributed without consent but those who volunteer a lower-quality version usually take solace in the fact that only they and the festivals in which they participate are the only ones to really see the true version of their film.

The festival accepts that there’s going to be many alternative ways to view popular films on an independent basis and this trend is only likely to continue. The success of the festival lies in the fact that versions we screen are exclusive high-quality versions direct from the film maker and guaranteed to be view as intended. That’s not to discount the participatory aspect of being amongst an audience and enjoying the reactions to such an event.

The reason I write all of this is that right now I face the above dilemma. I’m currently compiling the tapes for AIAF and MIAF and the temptation to just sit down for a couple of days and watch the lot is compelling. I know however, that I’ll get to see these films in one the best cinemas in Australia, the ACMI so I’ll wait. If I didn’t have that opportunity, naturally I’d watch them all now. As the AIAF is only a week away, I’d recommend waiting to see Doll Face or any other animations featured in the festival as the opportunity to view them properly is going to be right here. ;D

External / Re: Freelancing - Anyone Do It?
« on: May 06, 2007, 10:18:16 AM »
The book that I recommend every student with serious visual effects aspirations to read is:

Getting a Job in CG: Real Advice from Reel People
Sean Wagstaff ; with Dariush Derakhshani.

Thankfully you don’t have to wait to read this excellent book bursting with candid and inspiring advice as it’s currently sitting on the shelf at the CSU Library (006.696 W2). This is the text I’ll be recommending first year Animation and Visual Effects students read in the mid-year break. Note that the book is specifically written for the computer graphics industry and often goes into details that generalists may tend to dismiss but the career orientated will thoroughly appreciate.

Lecturers historically don’t advise students on freelancing. Conventional wisdom suggests that advocating professional jobs to students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree is premature and counterproductive unless they are directly participating in an internship and under professional supervision. We take great care in maintaining a healthy balance between the fantastic opportunities a university environment allows while respecting the commercial realties of businesses.

We don’t oppose students getting paid for work outside of university but you must consider the following a) you cannot use your statue of being enrolled in a university course as a qualification or endorsement of your trade, b) you must own commercial licences of your software, c) you understand the legal and financial responsibilities of your work, and d) you operate completely independently of the university and cannot exploit the opportunities this educational institution extends. With this in mind, most students are usually occupied for a majority of their study and tend to consider profiteering upon completing the degree.

Reviews / Re: 500Gb Hard Drives- Cheap!
« on: May 03, 2007, 09:11:56 AM »
Hard drives have historically been advertised in megabytes when in fact they are measured in megabits. For a concise explanation of one of the biggest misconceptions in computing history read Western Digital's FAQ article

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