Author Topic: FEAST your eyes on this beast  (Read 12592 times)

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Re: FEAST your eyes on this beast
« Reply #30 on: June 15, 2007, 08:54:20 PM »
total a margin of error of about 100 watts
is misleading and incorrect and is only a fact you have made up.

When calculating the PSU you need for your computer using a Calculator of ANY sort, you don't take it for face value, you add atleast another 100 watts on top of that calculation. Because these programs are inaccurate. First and foremost this is what i was taught when i built my first machine and it hasn't failed me yet and my computer is running at peak efficiency. Who told me this you wonder, my older brother, the reason i take his word as pretty much scripture in this case is because he does this s*** for a living.

and i never SAID you were buying a 1000watt PSU, i was merely pointing out Keaton buying one would be a waste.

True, ill go with that. If it works in practice thats good, and yeah it will save Keaton the money. I just know in theory it is double.
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