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Backup with ROBOCOPY
« on: June 04, 2009, 06:22:54 PM »
Everyone knows that we should always BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP...

If using a Windows-based computer you could install Microsoft’s excellent SyncToy or employ this awesome utility: ROBOCOPY

Why? ROBOCOPY by default, only copies what’s changed between the source and destination directory saving hours of transfer time when dealing with gigabytes of data i.e. Maya project folders. Added to this inbuilt coolness, the program will tolerate network outages or hard drive dropouts and resume copying where it previously left of. It does much more which you can discover by typing: ROBOCOPY /?

ROBOCOPY is a command line utility that you can access from the Start menu by entering: cmd

Chances are you’d much prefer to have a simple batch script that you could take anywhere and just double-click to instantly backup your work.

Here’s how to create your own backup script:

1.   Open Notepad
2.   Enter the following...

echo "Press space to start backup of the VFX project folder"
ROBOCOPY C:\Users\Hages\Documents\maya\projects\VFX Z:\Maya\VFX /E /ETA
echo "The backup is complete!"

3.   Modify the paths to match your own directories
4.   Save the file under an obvious name (e.g. BackupVFX.txt)
5.   Change the file extension to .bat (e.g. BackupVFX.bat)
6.   Double-click the file and enjoy!

What does it do? The first address is the origin of the files and second is where they are being copied to. The source folder is C:\Users\Hages\Documents\maya\projects\VFX and it’s being copied to Z:\Maya\VFX. If the were spaces in the file path we would enclose the address in quotes i.e. "Z:\Maya Files\VFX". The /E flag clears out files that are no longer necessary in the directory and /ETA gives an estimate time of arrival to copy the files.

Obviously there is much more to this utility than what’s covered here but I hope this helps some students transfer large quantities of data in a fast, efficient, smart way. Good luck! ;D
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Re: Backup with ROBOCOPY
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2009, 02:53:17 AM »
Thanks for that.

Discovered this post a bit late but i'll refer to it in future projects.