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Re: Games Games Games
« Reply #60 on: June 05, 2007, 12:56:18 AM »
Well well well,

Surfing the net 2day i came across a little add that surpirsed the hell outta me. Call of Juarez, I played the demo about 8 months ago was a fun little game with some really cool features in it... nothing revolutionary but still  a bucket of fun. It's being released.... today. for anyone who don't know anything about it; a FPS set in a western cowboy era, you can play as a preist, an indian and I think one other (but couldn't use in the demo). The one thing that made me enjoy the demo was a feature involving depth of feild, when you aim the camera zooms (varies on diff guns, pistols, snipers etc), and depending on what object is over the cross hair depends where the camera is focused... it just lifts the atnosphere and makes it fell like a real cowboy flick.

one more game that has surprisingly snuck up..... MANHUNT 2!!! JULY 10!!!... makes me love rockstar again despite not having announced a PC release for GTA4
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