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External / Real Serious Games Seeking Junior 3D Artists
« on: January 18, 2012, 09:28:45 AM »
Real Serious Games is seeking junior 3D artists, experienced 3D generalist and technical artists to join our expanding team in our Brisbane office in the Fortitude Valley area.

Junior 3D Artist

Full-time and part-time positions available

Professional Experience not necessary


Create high quality, accurate low polygon 3D models and textures based on source material provided i.e. reference photos, CAD files or technical drawings.

Required to create assets that fit within polygon and memory budgets based on current generation game technology.

Work efficiently within a team or independently and deliver tasks on time.

Take direction and work closely with Art team lead.



Advanced skills in 3D Studio Max or any other high end 3D modelling software.

Must be highly proficient using Adobe Photoshop for texture creation and some graphic design work.

General knowledge of Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects for basic post-production work.

Experience working with a variety of game engines and a thorough understanding of the exporting process.

Ability to work well under pressure and within tight deadlines.

Possess the ability to quickly learn and adapt to Art production pipelines

Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills

Talented and self motivated with a willingness to learn.

Portfolio demonstrating your best and most recent work.

Art related degree and/or comparable professional experience a bonus

To be considered, please have an up to date folio with high resolution examples of your work.
Friday 3rd February, 2012

Texturing and Shading / Re: Basic texturing articles
« on: August 23, 2011, 04:25:12 PM »
Brilliant stuff! This is definitely where the first years should begin, no matter how old the documents are. I was demonstrating planar projection to a first year earlier today, and that really is knowledge that you need to know - However, I encourage all students to look further into this artistry and considerations to take into texturing, along with the technical.

Maya / Re: project set up screw up
« on: August 20, 2011, 09:26:37 AM »
Go to Window / Setting/Preferences / Plug-in manager and turn on ExportObj(.bundle). I think that'll solve your problem.

Mac / Re: Don't rush to lion
« on: August 09, 2011, 02:08:51 PM »
I'm still using Leopard. Not Snow Leopard, but Leopard.

That's right; I am so cautious about moving to the next OS, I literally cannot use most new products.

I am so careful about changing anything that I have not even noticed the thorns growing 'neath my feet.

Television / The Gruen Transfer back for Season 4
« on: August 06, 2011, 08:26:36 PM »
The Gruen Transfer is back on TV for its fourth season, or you can watch the last episode online (which you can do right now, as I'm a week late because I'm a silly person).

If you haven't seen it before, it's a show all about advertising, hosted by Wil Anderson and produced by Andrew Denton, featuring a panel of some of Australia's big names in advertising,with many fascinating segments and generally being an awesome Australian program. It's by far my favourite program to come out of the ABC or perhaps all of Australia, and as an animation student, seeing such an interesting program so central to any media-based art is essential viewing.

EDIT: Also, I continue to be a silly person by not saying something intelligent like when and where it's on, so, Wednesday, 9 PM, ABC 1.
And by gum I hope you can see the colour red.

Current Affairs / Robert Crumb at the Sydney Opera House
« on: July 14, 2011, 07:15:33 PM »
Hey all, didn't know exactly where to post this, but it may well be of interest to some.

Robert Crumb, for perhaps the first time ever, is coming to visit Australia on August 21st. He's a fantastic underground comic artist, responsible for Fritz the Cat and 'Keep on Truckin'', which he'd prefer not to hear about anymore that should be of interest to damn near anyone.

If you're able to make it (I'm not even sure if that's during term), I'd suggest trying to make this possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Admittedly not an animator (although he has inspired a few animations, and even has one made by animator Ralph Bakshi, 'Fritz the Cat', the first X-Rated Animated Film released in America, which Robert Crumb himself utterly hates), he's a huge influence to both the underground and all-round comics scene.

(Also posted in the Animation Club thread, if you'd like it removed, just PM me.)

Movies / Re: 2011 kicks off in style...
« on: February 28, 2011, 02:41:02 PM »
And I'll be damned if he didn't deserve it; The Arrival is possibly the greatest Australian graphic novel out there, it's impressive that his skills and art carried over mediums for The Lost Thing (which I assume is the film you're talking about) so well.

Course Enquiries / Re: Need help enrolling and choosing an elective
« on: January 18, 2011, 02:45:12 PM »
Not 100% sure of your exact situation there KushalaDaora, but you need course co-ordinator approval in order to continue with a subject while lacking a prerequisite, so contact with Hages is definitely a plus. Whether or not he's at the uni is rather hard to judge, but best bet is to send him an email and hope for the best.

As for how many subjects you do, that's up to you. If you're unable to continue with VFX201 due to not completing VFX101, then you may as well launch into the other second year subjects (which I believe are COM123 and MPI220) and an elective. If you believe that you can handle five subjects, go for it, but as most will note, animation are rather heavy subjects to juggle an extra workload.

Course Enquiries / Re: Need help enrolling and choosing an elective
« on: January 16, 2011, 09:53:01 AM »
What does 221 involve?

It has a greater concentration on using colour, light, exposure and various other camera/photoshop techniques (and tricks) to get your result. As I remember, if you haven't used the studio before, it's to be used for the second assignment, after you've been shown in general how to use it. If you can get another photography student to help you it may be possible to take some shots, but mostly it's first assessment studio-free, and the second may or may not have been studio compulsory. I'd say it was a worthwhile subject.

After Effects / Re: How NOT to use After Effects
« on: January 16, 2011, 09:48:48 AM »
Oh lord that was so bad it was good! We have another Ed Wood on the way!

The internet is the vessel through which we discover - Ed Wood is a part of everyone.

Dude must have got around.

Mac / Re: New Mac options
« on: January 07, 2011, 05:29:42 PM »
It should be noted that, while Apple doesn't announce its updates until a few days before, they usually take place at the same time, announced during the same event, each year.

And the blu-ray problem is unfortunately not due to any fear of over future proofing against future purchases - it's because Steve Jobs believes or has been told to believe that it's a problem riddled system (not any more so than when the DVD first came out), but mostly it's his problem that it's essentially a developing medium monopoly held by Sony. You know, like Apple with iPods and iTunes, but TOTALLY DIFFERENT - as Apple is not making the profit from it.

Mac / Re: New Mac options
« on: January 04, 2011, 09:09:34 PM »
Personally, I'd hold off for the more recent computer, around March/April, purely for the lasting power (and it may be a big update - can't remember when their last redesign was). It sounds like you're in the labs in the meantime, and hey, it's not like you'd be unfamiliar with the mac layout (and as you'd know, Maya between Mac and Windows is pretty much consistent).

Movies / Re: Real Life Tron!
« on: December 27, 2010, 07:05:38 PM »
Especially considering that traditionally you start the game driving towards one another.

It is a very quick way to get a draw... Nobody's a loser! Or alive.

Movies / Re: Real Life Tron!
« on: December 27, 2010, 05:43:50 PM »
Yeah... Sticking true to the film (I haven't seen the sequel yet), it seems unable to turn... Unless it's picked up and placed at a right angle to itself.

Also, consultation with a friend has dictated that the walls that it leaves behind must be invisible, and thus, even more advanced than the ones featured in TRON.

Technology is truly amazing.

Movies / Real Life Tron!
« on: December 27, 2010, 03:39:01 PM »
Okay, to start with, no, this isn't a tutorial for how to encode yourself into data and become one with the TRONiverse - there are dangerous narcotics for that purpose (though legally I do not recommend them).

This is instead about two really cool TRON related things avaliable to you; one will need your gigantic wallet full of about $55,000 US for your very own lightcycle, and the other you can do at home for not very much at all, if you have a handy bland bag kicking around.

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