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External / Real Serious Games Seeking Junior 3D Artists
« on: January 18, 2012, 09:28:45 AM »
Real Serious Games is seeking junior 3D artists, experienced 3D generalist and technical artists to join our expanding team in our Brisbane office in the Fortitude Valley area.

Junior 3D Artist

Full-time and part-time positions available

Professional Experience not necessary


Create high quality, accurate low polygon 3D models and textures based on source material provided i.e. reference photos, CAD files or technical drawings.

Required to create assets that fit within polygon and memory budgets based on current generation game technology.

Work efficiently within a team or independently and deliver tasks on time.

Take direction and work closely with Art team lead.



Advanced skills in 3D Studio Max or any other high end 3D modelling software.

Must be highly proficient using Adobe Photoshop for texture creation and some graphic design work.

General knowledge of Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects for basic post-production work.

Experience working with a variety of game engines and a thorough understanding of the exporting process.

Ability to work well under pressure and within tight deadlines.

Possess the ability to quickly learn and adapt to Art production pipelines

Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills

Talented and self motivated with a willingness to learn.

Portfolio demonstrating your best and most recent work.

Art related degree and/or comparable professional experience a bonus

To be considered, please have an up to date folio with high resolution examples of your work.
Friday 3rd February, 2012

Television / The Gruen Transfer back for Season 4
« on: August 06, 2011, 08:26:36 PM »
The Gruen Transfer is back on TV for its fourth season, or you can watch the last episode online (which you can do right now, as I'm a week late because I'm a silly person).

If you haven't seen it before, it's a show all about advertising, hosted by Wil Anderson and produced by Andrew Denton, featuring a panel of some of Australia's big names in advertising,with many fascinating segments and generally being an awesome Australian program. It's by far my favourite program to come out of the ABC or perhaps all of Australia, and as an animation student, seeing such an interesting program so central to any media-based art is essential viewing.

EDIT: Also, I continue to be a silly person by not saying something intelligent like when and where it's on, so, Wednesday, 9 PM, ABC 1.
And by gum I hope you can see the colour red.

Current Affairs / Robert Crumb at the Sydney Opera House
« on: July 14, 2011, 07:15:33 PM »
Hey all, didn't know exactly where to post this, but it may well be of interest to some.

Robert Crumb, for perhaps the first time ever, is coming to visit Australia on August 21st. He's a fantastic underground comic artist, responsible for Fritz the Cat and 'Keep on Truckin'', which he'd prefer not to hear about anymore that should be of interest to damn near anyone.

If you're able to make it (I'm not even sure if that's during term), I'd suggest trying to make this possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Admittedly not an animator (although he has inspired a few animations, and even has one made by animator Ralph Bakshi, 'Fritz the Cat', the first X-Rated Animated Film released in America, which Robert Crumb himself utterly hates), he's a huge influence to both the underground and all-round comics scene.

(Also posted in the Animation Club thread, if you'd like it removed, just PM me.)

Movies / Real Life Tron!
« on: December 27, 2010, 03:39:01 PM »
Okay, to start with, no, this isn't a tutorial for how to encode yourself into data and become one with the TRONiverse - there are dangerous narcotics for that purpose (though legally I do not recommend them).

This is instead about two really cool TRON related things avaliable to you; one will need your gigantic wallet full of about $55,000 US for your very own lightcycle, and the other you can do at home for not very much at all, if you have a handy bland bag kicking around.

Web / Online Political Animator Wins Pulitzer
« on: April 25, 2010, 11:13:30 AM »
Yeah, I didn't see it coming either. Very Doonesbury 1975.

Exciting news for internet animators; more and more people seem to be respecting them (or it might just be a gimmick to get people talking about the Pulitzer prizes again). Let's hope to see Adam Phillips at the Oscars next. :D

Movies / ACMI Mary and Max Exhibition
« on: April 19, 2010, 08:53:34 PM »
I'm over a month late, but what the hell; there is currently a Mary and Max exhibition showing at the ACMI in Melbourne's federation square until the 6th of June.

Anyone who has viewed this film (as I only recently have), is in any way interested in Adam Elliot's works (creator of the Oscar winning short Harvie Krumpet), is interested in Australian film or doing this course, I recommend dropping in to see it. You can even see CSU graduate John Lewis giving a bit of a breakdown of some of his work in one of the video presentations, as well as many of the props, settings and character models used in the film.

If you haven't seen the film, I must recommend it most strongly. I have only just finished seeing it, and have never been so emotionally affected by an Australia film, nor any large number films of any nationality.

Mac / Mac Netbook on the Way?
« on: July 15, 2009, 01:10:44 AM »
Now, Netbooks aren't really that great for us. As animators, we look for grunt, something with phenominal cosmic powers, something that can demolish a forest and render a out an artist's rendition of it destroying said forest at the same time, not some pissy little baby-laptop that looks like it was made for people whose fingers end in a point.

However this grabbed my interest.
I think that's only an artist's rendition out of a suspicion, but dammit, it looks so cool. It looks like the type of computer that, while lacking power, you could just pick up and walk around with while working on it, leading for all sorts of instances with falling down the stairs and getting it embedded in your bed!
... Dammit, I'm really bad at trying to sound seriously excited at this prospect, aren't I?

Anyway, looks good, like a bigger (guess around 10 inches) iPhone for easy, around the house stuff, and being a (supposed) tablet PC, well... Let's just say that I don't really need all my organs, do I?

Web / John Lasseter Interview
« on: July 08, 2009, 05:03:01 PM »
Awesome interview with John Lasseter here.
Goes (in not too shallow depth) through his entire career, from college to now. Give it a look.

Movies / WALL-E
« on: September 21, 2008, 04:11:51 PM »
Anyone been to see this yet? This being an animation forum and all, I thought it may come up sooner or later. Please note, some people may regard what I'm going to say here as spoilers, so there, now you're warned.

Pixar's latest foray into film was, to say the least, impressive even for them. The basically dialogueless first fifteen-thirty minutes of the film (it may have been more or less, I wasn't counting) convey a beautiful amount of character in them, Wall-E's sensitive personality is clear and crisp, and I didn't even start to fringe on boredom from it. Other films that have attempted a dialogueless beginning, like 2001: A Space Odyssey by Kubrick (by the way, expect references to that film. Plenty of them) make me wander off to get a drink, but this captivated my attention.

The film's environmental message, much like that of Happy Feet's, has come under fire from conservatives, and I yet again have no idea why - the message seems to help the film more.

While it was great, enjoyable, and lovable, the film felt has if it had some faults, though rarely (if ever) did they go into the annoying.

Anyway, to sum up, I liked it. What did others think?

Comparisons / Your Top Tools
« on: August 12, 2008, 10:58:47 PM »
What are your top tools for doing your multimedia/animation/arts activities? Could be a fun comparison (or just an interesting diversion). Please keep it to stuff you own or can use, not so much dream things (yes, I too would like access to all of Paul Debevec's freakish camera and lighting equipment and Pixar's render farms, but that's not for here). Software like Maya's basically a give away, so only include it if it's something kind of different.

Mine are:

1. Macbook Pro.

A lack of crashes (only one crash of Premier, and none of After Effects or Photoshop since purchase) and no pesky gaming distractions? Procrastination dies quickly with this item.

2. Fine-liner.

Just a generic pack of uniPin fine-liners for concept work; I always feel better using one of them instead of a greylead for initial designs and concepts.

3. Wacom Tablet.

A modest 6x8 inch tablet for all of the digital painting and drawing touch-ups I need (I've learned my lesson - don't just start drawing straight onto it, scan something in first).

4. 300-400D Canon Camera + Shiny Ball.

Because I like shiny things. That, and I've gained a slightly passion for HDRI since last semester. Even straight photography (not using it for 3D lighting, but just normal photos) making use of it can give some really interesting results. Been thinking of getting a decent garden ornament ball, as the Christmas ball out for hire has almost had its surface worn away to pointlessness.

5. Canon Printer/Scanner.

As said before, I never let myself get started with just the tablet anymore, and the scanner's been seeing more and more use lately. Never leave home without one (or rather, leave it in your home and use it there. Whatever you want, it doesn't bother me, I just wanted to fill up more space here).

What're your tools of trade?

Games / Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures
« on: July 31, 2008, 10:25:15 AM »
Well, Telltale Games has done it again. They've now confirmed that they're making a series of episodic adventure games, based on Wallace and Gromit.

These guys are just snapping up the franchises it seems, and the names are getting bigger. Judging by the quality of their Sam and Max series, that in a lot of minds has revived some hope for the Point and Click Adventure genre, we could hopefully expect some great stuff out of this.

One thing I like is that, despite the fact that they haven't used stop motion for the animation here (no, the days of The Neverhood are over), they've still done a rather good job at keeping the original look and feel of the old style. And seeings as Telltale is one of the few places that seems to be carrying their trailers without a gigantic explosion at the end (well, most of the time), I trust they'll do well to the series.... By God, they better...

Movies / Watchmen
« on: July 23, 2008, 08:35:27 PM »
As mentioned by TheTex in The Dark Knight, 'Watchmen' has recently gotten its trailer released.

Having just finished the Alan Moore written graphic novel, I've got to say it's one of the greatest written superhero graphic novels I've read. Somehow Moore (famed for V for Vendetta, a graphic novel that I believe is better than it's fantastic screen countpart) continues to impress me more and more, despite the that that I'm not reading his work in their chronological order.

*Cough* Kind of off topic that. One thing that I'm extremely happy about is that very close resemblance that is has to the comic. The costumes almost look lifted straight from it (Rorschach being one of my favorite-designed comic characters, even if only his mask is truly distinctively), and some of the scenes are easy to place from the novel (others however completely miss any recognition). However, it was also one of the most literary able (See: Wordy) comics I've read, and without any true battle climax (as there's relatively few fight scenes in the entire comic, it comes as no huge surprise - I apologize to those who feel I've 'ruined' the comic for them), it'll be interesting to see just how they adapt it for this film. Another interesting departure from the original story, as in V for Vendetta, though still holding some of the greater morals and interests true?

I can only hope. Not being a fan of direct-direct adaption (hey, if I've read them comic, I can animate that in my mind), I only wish it it succeeds in being both entertaining AND at least somewhat faithful to its fantastic source material.

Games / Fallout 3 Refused Classification
« on: July 11, 2008, 07:33:49 PM »
Welp, dammit. Thanks to jolly censorship, which isn't always a bad thing, Fallout 3 was refused classification by the OFLC in Australia.

This is apparently due to a sense of dangerous combination of 'real world drugs with science fiction drugs', or similar reason.
I wouldn't have too much of a problem with this if I wasn't so crazy about getting this game, but, seriously? Drugs are the reason? From what I've heard, prostitution (perhaps it's purely science-fiction prostitution...) hasn't been removed from this game, and let's not forget the ultra violence.
It seems, in Australia, it's fine to have sex with the hooker, shoot the hooker, but not doing drugs.
Because doing drugs is UNAUSTRALIAN.

It wouldn't bother me that much if drugs are removed from the game, as I never used them, but it's just part of the Fallout world - a somewhat believable post-nuclear dystopia. Silly as it sounds, it feels like a realistic dimension of that is just taken away; but I suppose that's the OFLC's point.
Hate to bring it up, but 18+ classification anyone?

Games / Wario Land: Shake It!
« on: July 09, 2008, 06:11:49 PM »
Just found while doing my usual youtube sleuthing. It's a new Wario game, coming for Wii.

What makes it special? Well, from what I've heard, that's all traditional cel-animation (or at least it's 2D; I'm not entirely sure what the guy was trying to say, as it was a comment from a webcomic artist). It's good to see a 2D platformer WITHOUT 3D elements coming back, because, well, progress gets old after a while. :P

Whether or not it'll merit any success on some nice art and style is arguable; like said about Diablo 3, it's going to have to pull some fast gameplay punches to manage anything really rewarding.

Mac / And the iPhone cometh
« on: June 10, 2008, 02:39:56 PM »
Well, it has to be said: The iPhone is now officially (and, according to some people, finally) coming to Australia, and many other countries.

I wasn't really all that excited about it; I've got an old Siemens mobile that's served me well for a few years, so I doubt I'll be upgrading this year. However, with its promises of a quite large price drop, I can see myself owning one in the future (it's true what they say; you get one Apple product, and then you just keep getting them. The mindless slave, me).
Currently they're going to be supported by Vodaphone and Optus plans, which surprises me because previously it was said that Apple was in negotiations with Telstra; which means having to switch to an entirely different service provider.

One thing that Apple (as always) has got me threatened over is the price difference between here and the US: it's meant to be selling for US$199, which translates to A$209 about, but as usual, I suspect Apple's terrible overpricing to come into affect here. Also don't have any word on the price of packages.

Well, there's my rant. Time to stay quiet until next year's WWDC.

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