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Course Enquiries / Future Animators
« on: November 07, 2010, 10:14:21 AM »
Hi, I was told that it would be ok to put this up - it is a thread for all the young inspired future animators can show their work to the pros, to get feedback and tips.

My brother, Gregory, is really interested in animation. He has been doing some cute little sprite animations of Mario and Luigi, but he has also started on 3D animations. He's taken some screen shots of them. They obviously aren't as quality as yours, as he is only just starting with no help from textbooks or online tutorials, and on programs like Blender and Anim8or that are so old they refuse to load on my computer...

He animated these on Beneton Movie Gif

They are just a start... he's got the basic principle down I suppose?

And these are the ones he has done in 3D - anim8or

Mutant Solar System

Cartoon hand

Gold Sponge

Dirty Sponge

If he could get hold of a newer computer and software I imagine it would get pretty amazing :)

Gregory is 12.

Thanks :) Any feedback would be great.

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