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Modelling / that old bastard... the SMOOTH!
« on: October 13, 2007, 04:39:27 PM »
ive noticed a trend in multimedia students of this course over the past few years or so to apply the 'smooth' modifier everything...  for the most part these students all have the bizarre mentality that this will make a model look better in some way, shape or form.  all i can say is this should just be avoided AT ALL COSTS.  im not saying dont create models with smooth surfaces, just be aware of what you are smoothing, and do so only when needed.

if you were, say, modeling a spaceship for example, and you wanted sections of the hull nice and smooth (as was the brief) then fine, just dont throw a smooth modifier over the entire mesh, all it will do is reduce said artwork into 'tacky 3D' category.

there are various techniques one can use to move away from the straight and hard edged look of polys without defiling a model with a generic smooth.  one would be to simply bevel the edges of a model (as in creating a smooth EDGE on a model).  another would be to select only the faces of a mesh that need the smooth and applying it directly and specifically to those faces.  and if a model is constructed with various meshs (things like a 747 are not a single flying blob of lambert), then smooths can be used on specific things like the hull, while detail/more mechanical objects can be modeled separately, and saved from that appalling old bastard... the SMOOTH!

these might be simple and obvious suggestions, but i would strongly encourage all budding young 3D students to take heed of them!

Texturing and Shading / another texture resource
« on: September 03, 2007, 01:18:55 PM »
dont know whether its been posted before on here, but another great high-res texture source (aside from mayang) is

it has LOTS of quality photos of everything texture related, it even has a keyword search!

Movies / new biblical style underworld flick - GABRIEL!
« on: August 12, 2007, 02:45:35 PM »
in a bit of shameless self promotion, here is a link to the just-released trailer of the new film 'gabriel'

thats the official site, and ive been told there will be more content added coming up to the films release

also, here is a better res version of the trailer, with a little intro from the lead role and shane abess, the director of the film:

some people may recall me grumbling about a film i was working on while on leave from uni last year?  well this is it!  its good to know i can finally talk about it now without breaching my contract...  (i hope i can?!)... 

my work on the film was for the most part, a 'junior matte painter' (although i did all bar a few of the paintings in the film?!).  i also did some texture work, comping, touch-ups, roto, and some other bits and pieces.  all up i was contracted to work on site, for a period of about 5-6 months.  it was a great experience and im really grateful i had the chance to work on it, as ive learnt a WHOLE lot from it (got to work alongside alot of really talented peeps).  im more than happy to have a chat or answer any questions about it all, like how it was to work in the 'industry' (ha!) for a period.

gabriel comes out on the 16th of november.  check out the trailer, and check out the movie when it comes out!

Seeking / HOUSEMATE!!! STAT!!!!!
« on: June 06, 2007, 11:22:42 PM »
ok so my housemates have left me in the s*** and i need a new one - or 2 - ASAP!

i live in central town, 10-15mins walk from the vic, in a massive art-deco styled house.  rent is 80 bucks a week, which includes the rental of a washing machine (ours just broke!).  things not included in this amount are obviously the net and bills.  i live with ross, who goes by 'lifeasalounge' on these forums, if any of you know him...

if anyones interested, or has any other questions, just post here or pm me!

this needs to happen quick!

Web / the ricky gervais show/podcast
« on: May 07, 2007, 08:56:30 AM »
moved from the main entertainment forum cause i dont think anyone actually checks that...

anyway, anyone a fan of the show?  karl pilkerton is from another planet!  gets me in absolute stitches!

for anyone that has no idea what im talking about:

Free Stuff / inspiration, reference, and other stuff...
« on: April 22, 2007, 01:58:23 PM »
read ALL this its worth it!

hello everyone on the forum, my name is zam and im a 4th year.  im sure you all, by the time you reach our elderly age will have sourced a vast collection of all things vfx.  but until then, i, and im sure a few more of the 3rd and 4th year'ers here would be more than willing to lend you all a hand and pass down what material and little knowledge we may have gained over the years!

ok, first of all, besides our course forum,
are fantastic.  i have been visiting the cgtalk forums for years and find it a great source of knowledge and inspiration.  some of the work on their is just incredible.  even if you dont post in the forums yourself, its still great just to browse through.
fxguide is owned and run by industry heavyweights from around the world and provides quality interviews and tips. cgtalks sister-site
also has a multitude of quality interviews and articles.

as far as textures go, i have found this site indispensable:
it does not have seamless textures that you might be after, but does has a massive library of raw photos at high-res for you to modify yourself.  just google search for creating seamless textures in photoshop, or play around with its filter>distort>shear filter if thats what your after.

like pete previously mentioned in another topic the library is full alot of quality training dvds for maya.  although they may be getting a little old now (like for maya version 4-6), the fundamentals are still the same.

and on to me!  through doing some work in the industry last year, i was graciously given a massive fx reel of just about everything you guys could ever want.  it includes quality footage of smoke, steam, fire, explosions, general smashing and destruction of all things imaginable, gun effects and muzzle flares, clouds, ink drops, noise and grain, analogue film effects like light bleeds, film scratches, all that yummy stuff and much more.

i also have hundreds if not thousands of high-res reference photos of metropolitan buildings, run-down buildings, clouds, mountains, rocks, waterfalls, stuff from all over europe, asia, and america, and more abstract stuff like cg-generated light effects that would be great for overlaying ontop of other footage.

i also have a large library of my own textures i have gathered over the years, some off the net, and some i have taken myself using the uni's digital SLR's.  it includes everything from dirt, grunge, rocks, metal, walls, grass, skies, and ink and paint effects.

i have a large range of video tutorials i have either bought or been given over the years, covering most aspects of this industry. i am more than willing to share these with anyone and everyone as they are indispensable and everybody needs these!

if anybody is interested in any of this stuff, then just send me a pm.  or alternatively, if you actually know who i am and are in 205 or 303 with me then just ask!

everyone else - feel free to add to this thread if you have similar stuff you can share with the course - obviously nothing naughty and pirated though...  ;)

if we all, as a course, pool our material and resources together i feel it will only benefit the knowledge, and possibly, the social interaction of everyone involved, as the course has tended to be a little introverted in recent years...

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