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I just wanted to make a post here about some really great animation/flash tutorials I've found in the wonderful world of YouTube.

Now I know at the moment we are leaning more towards using ToonBoom and our main medium but I still think that flash is a simple yet power tool to have in your skill set.

 - Draw with Jazza:

Jazza is an Australian animator and artist and his tutorials are great for everything from basics to specific areas like animating fire and transformations.

 - Harry Partridge's 'Happy Harry's HuHa 2 How-Tos!':

Harry Partridge is an incredibly good 2D animator and he teamed up with HuHa 2! to create a these tutorials. These will give you the knowledge to create a 2D animation from scratch in flash.

 - And as always, Digital Tutors is a fantastic place for all your how to needs: 

These are the best ones that I can think of at the moment, but if you find great flash or even just 2D animation tutorials from YouTubers or any other good resources around the internet please share it here!

P.S. For those of you who enjoy "DovahBear" ( ) here is the animator of the short series on how he animates!
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