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Coma1 - Web Projects
« on: June 05, 2007, 01:10:17 PM »
Okay so I figured since there is no forum for Honors Students (and im the only one of them i think??? so it would be a bit pointless) I would just cram some of my current stuff in here.

Most of it is works in progress so there is errors all over the place, so if you find one, then post it and ill do some kinda work around. Anyway, first off, here is the WIP website for my independent record label 'anti-human records'.

This is just a TEMPLATE there is no real content yet. Reason being the div (overflow) tags that are the scroll areas where my content is gunna go will be changed to dynamically get content from a wordpress blog I have installed on the server. So thats my ambition there.

The music player which doesnt play anything will eventually play music by the artists on the label and come from an XML playlist and load dynamically.

So other parts of the site...
So the forum follows the layout of the site, yipee... or rather the other way around? either way they should be relatively similar in navigation.

So the store, whats happening there, well a legit store is being placed underneath the current shel;l of the site, this store will allow people to pay for and download songs/albums etc, or elect physical copies of albums. The store will be a fully fledged retail thingy thingy, theres heaps of cool dynamic stuff in the store being implemented. Anyway that comes LATER. for now... site design basic critique... i know some of it is failing but general concept?