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Reviews / Beautiful forum design
« on: October 22, 2009, 01:56:10 PM »
hey guys,

What about this as a theme for the forum!!


For Sale / Laser Printer for Sale!
« on: May 27, 2007, 07:31:00 PM »
Panasonic KX-P7100
# B/W Laser Prints 600 x 600dpi - good quality.. better then those ones for $130 which are only 300dpi.
# Printed 5397pages
# Comes with 2 x drum and toner combined units - one drum has dust on it and makes streaky prints but still has a fair few more prints. The the other cartridge needs to be re-filled.. around $40 for 2500 prints.
# Windows only - USB & Parallel (I will give you the lead of your choice)
# Automatic Duplexing!!! ie will print on both sides by itself if you want it to.

I used this for printing invoices and onto envelopes, cd labels etc. I have upgraded to a Konica Minolta PagePro9100, much bigger machine which I need. I am looking for $45, was originally $350, but make me an offer! Ive got the box etc etc. It is located in Canberra, but if someone was interested I would bring it to Wagga.

ph: 800djdan or on campus 33577

Animate (Flash) / HELP!!! M3u's in flash.
« on: May 27, 2007, 12:28:58 AM »
Does anybody know how to simply insert a m3u file into flash?

My m3u file is a music stream created by an active server. I have already made flash mp3 players and the like in the past and have had no problems before.. ie playing songs from a folder location.

By the way I will be exporting in flash player 7 as not all listeners will have 8 and 9, and mobile phones seem to come standard with 7 (that is my nokia 5500).


Music / Forget itunes! Use something thats pro and costs $0
« on: May 26, 2007, 09:13:24 PM »
If your looking for a good program for PC for music conversion this is the one. You can insert a cd with music on (that you have ownership of content or have paid your coptyright dues for) and take all the songs off in one hit as *.wav or *.mp3 at any bitrate. (I prefer *.wav) You alos have the option for Normalizing the files whilst ripping.

Not only can you rip from cds, but you can right click on an mp3 or wav or your computer and convert either way or change the bitrate of the mp3 (remember that once you have an mp3 you cannot up-sample the quality.. ie 128kbs to 192kbs won't make it sound any better).

Also when you move your mouse over mp3s and wavs it will give you all the details of that file in a windows speech bubble.

I have relied on this program for many years now for maintaining my media library. Obviously you can rip any cds you want, but I am not endorsing it for that unless you have a license to like me :P

 ;D The address of the site:

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