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Title: Graduate Games Position in Sydney
Post by: Jeebuz on May 11, 2008, 10:20:44 AM
Hi people.

This is mainly for Graduates. This job is advertised on (

I hope you guys have a reel by now.  ;D (


Graduate Artists  (REF STIGA)

Graduate Junior Artists position will be contracted for 7 months to work on the final part of the Art production process. At the end of the project you will have production experience on a finished title. In addition, there will be an opportunity for those who perform well to be offered a permanent contracts.

All applications must submit a show reel.


· The majority of the work will be dressing and placing objects in the world with pre-made and modelled objects

· The artists will be responsible for placing buildings and populating the world and the vista areas

· The artists will place the navigation system for the player throughout the world

· There is limited texturing and modelling involved in this position

· A passion for creating and playing video games

Required Qualifications

· A recognised art qualification

· High quality reel

Required Skills

· Good use of Maya

· Good sense of artistic dressing

· Keen and eager
Title: Re: Graduate Games Position in Sydney
Post by: Tia on May 11, 2008, 10:54:02 AM
I want it!!! damn it, i have no real... havent done enough in maya yet... <sigh>

Graduate first.
Title: Re: Graduate Games Position in Sydney
Post by: chicken on May 14, 2008, 12:42:50 AM
no, not graduate first, produce work first. Work work work. There are people in the industry all the time from tafe and from just being that darn good. Uni is fantastic and all, but the be all and end all is work. What you have to show. Rargh.

stay in school kids!
Title: Re: Graduate Games Position in Sydney
Post by: Jeebuz on May 14, 2008, 06:55:18 PM
Hear hear chicken.  ;D

You are at uni not for P's.

Not even for HD's.

Not even the little piece of paper you get at the end (Although it is nice to wave around and even has a shiny CSU logo on it that catches the light... oooh, pretty)

Nope. They are just a way of keeping score.

You are at uni to work your arse off so that when it comes time you can stick your head above the crowd of people waving their piece of paper and say something along the lines of "OY! LOOK AT ME! I have what you want! Come and make me a minion of your relentless corporate machine!"

The assignments are just a way of the Uni making sure that you are safe enough to put the CSU branding on. Graduates are a product, produced by the University. They gotta go through quality control which is the whole assignment and marking process, and at the end of the day as long as you passed all those measures, you get your degree, the funny hat and off you go, certified by the Uni that you meet the minimum requirements* of your chosen profession as determined by the university.

These minimum requirements do not match that of the ever-changing industry**, which is driven by rapid deadlines, budget and end product.

More or less you have to stand out by not just meeting the Uni's requirements, but researching and in your own time working your arse off to meet the Industry requirements, which are something else entirely.

Sure you can make a basic 3d composition in After effects and do some basic motion tracking. But so can everyone else with the (BA) <Insert Media Degree here>.

Can you render multiple passes in Maya/3ds Max with a depth channel, and then apply it as a depth of field in After effects? 

Are you able to pick up a new 3d package and learn it to a reasonable level of competency within a week or two?

Can you create a static polygon asset from concept art with collision and low detail models, UV, texture and export it into a game engine in 2 hours?

Do you know your way around sculpting software like Mudbox or Z Brush in order to create highly detailed meshes?

Are you able to UV map a model and texture it, utilizing Color, diffuse, normal and specular maps?

Don't freak out. It takes time to learn all these things. The key thing to remember is that it takes YOUR time. Uni assignments do their part in introducing you to aspects of each of these skills, but its up to you to take it further.

The best thing about Uni is that it is an excuse for you to spend all your time screwing around learning the ins and outs of your chosen craft, rather than making it a hobby and fitting it around other concerns. But its up to you to spend that time.

Thats what pushes you above the crowd, and will get you a job.

/end rant

*unless you graduate with "distinction" which means you rock. FYI, No I didn't

**NOTE!!!! The reason they do not match is not because the Uni is out of date, but because the subjects you do are nice, soft comfy simulations of the real world so that they don't bruise you and scare you off. This is not a dig at the Uni, this is just stating that you can't think that the real world is just like a Uni assignment. Its not. The real world has cookies in the break room and free milo  ;).
Title: Re: Graduate Games Position in Sydney
Post by: Atcote on May 14, 2008, 11:11:33 PM
*Claps honestly*

It's a pretty god damn intimidating thing to think that we have only three years (for the BA (Animation and Visual Effects) people) to decide on something we want to be passionate about and follow through with our time, energy and enthusiasm. With everything we learn, that's more or less one more temptation of a path to follow down, and trying to learn everything can really become overwhelming and confusing.
But I suppose the one thing we really have to learn at uni is whether or not this is our passion; the thing we truly want to commit ourselves to professionally.


Back to the books. :)
Title: Re: Graduate Games Position in Sydney
Post by: Jeebuz on May 15, 2008, 01:04:18 PM
I think you have hit the proverbial nail on the head Atcote. Uni tends to sort passion into the professional kind, and the hobbyist.

Either are good, but there is always the danger indecision and not choosing either.

End result, getting stuck in a rut.