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Title: Our Melbourne Trip
Post by: Keaton on September 23, 2007, 07:38:03 PM
Two weeks ago, a group of Animators, Multimedia, and Graphic Designers, spanning 3rd, 2nd, and 1st years, got together.
We put on our party hats, i mean educational learning caps, and took off on a road trip in two cars to the art house city that is Melbourne  :D

We traversed creepy yokel towns, received parking fines in Wangarratta, battled through ferocious storms at peak hour getting lost on the M31, got welcomed into the city with accusations of stealing fuel because of our NSW number plate, followed random people into scary alleyways only to find a hidden gem and a singer that seemed to get as drunk as his only audience (us) did, talked loud and long, only to find a hole in the roof echoing the sound to every other room.

We climbed the Pixar lamp, strengthened our minds by resisting a scientology tester, laughed at black sheep, wasted money on a pop culture demon called Minator that seems to lure any geek in within a 10 km radius,  entered a shop set in the 70's, and some even spent $26 of their savings on gimmicky Pixar mugs made in china. 

We entered scary buildings in the hope of finding women painters seen in a window that could have been a figment of our imagination, ate lots of subway, entered an unmarked strip club, found gems and treasures in the streets of a city that the locals probably take for granted.

If you were in my car you would have travelled through raven hill, past scary hick towns, pitch black skinny highways suffocated by side tree's, all while following a Wagga Wagga sign that kept changing its distance in the wrong direction.

All of this in the name of Animation, and to see a little exhibition about a company called Pixar that ironically turned out to be an insignificant part of our road trip that will not be forgotten, and has to be repeated...

Here is an image that sums up the mood of the trip, another was taken by a passerby but turned out cold. This was captured while balancing on Nicks bag as it blew in the wind and operated on a timer. It is the quintessential representation of our experience.

Obviously there are lots more photos, and I will put them all up at once later on when the forum is visited by people. At the moment it’s the middle of the break and this is a teaser [and i'm lazy].
Title: Re: Our Melbourne Trip
Post by: cheeseninja2002 on September 23, 2007, 08:29:11 PM
oh yes oh yes good times.

I still remember reluctantly walking down a seedy alley led by Keaton to find the most enjoyable and unique pub in the city. Nothing says awesome pub like Free Jagermeister =D

I must add if you were in my car you would have almost travelled into 2 pedestrialns, a multitude of cars, and a tram. All this while listening to the BEST travel music... Journey! assisted by a map I like to call pure intuition =P

I think the only thing that entire trip lacked was LAZER TAG!
Title: Re: Our Melbourne Trip
Post by: D. on September 23, 2007, 10:39:10 PM
Twas an awesome trip.. Admittedly almost being sideswiped by a tram really wasnt on the to-do list it was... fun?

The afore mentioned pub that we found was in the seediest alley that i had ever seen.. Though it was awesome, Keat seemed to be the only one willing to begin with to follow 2 complete strangers down the alley whilst Rob stood up the top wondering whether or not they were vampires :P.

I would have to say it was a trip full of awesomeness (yes nick..journey!) But u guys who havent been to the Pixar exhibition yet; go!

It is well worth it. Full of many many many wonderful and shiney things - especially the Zoetrope (i believe Alex mentioned it in another thread), and also jus the storyboard/concept works are incredible..

And i guess thats my peice.
Title: Re: Our Melbourne Trip
Post by: Atcote on September 24, 2007, 01:59:14 PM
received parking fines in Wangarratta,

Well, that practically makes you locals! (As a side note, Wangaratta is my home town)
Come on, give us a few more pictures of your adventures in marvelous, wacky Victoria (note: Victoria may or may  not be found to marvel or be wacky in the least).
Title: Re: Our Melbourne Trip
Post by: Keaton on October 19, 2007, 09:49:55 PM
I totally forgot about this post!
I guess everyone isn't on facebook.
Here is the link for my Melbourne pix on my facebook account. (