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March 5th - Home Tavern!
« on: February 10, 2010, 10:12:12 AM »

After more than a year off from organizing shows due to university commitments, I am back, ready and raring to go for a brand new year of metal in Wagga Wagga. What I hope to bring this year to the scene is the same I always have, high quality regional bands, top Australian talent, and where possible, international talent!

So let everyone know that "Heavy at Home" is back for a new year, and a big lineup for the reunion show is going to be announced soon!


I am proud to announce the first band on the bill will be something new and very unique for a Heavy at Home concert! Utilizing a combination of atmospheric drumming, melancholic tones and experimental rhythms, this band delivers and eclectic combination of drone, post rock, black metal and progressive elements, noting key influences such as Agalloch, Cult of Luna, Parhelia and Wolves in the Throne Room. I am proud to announce 'Tranquil Deception' as part of this special comeback event!

Want more about the band? Check out the myspace;


The second band on the bill needs no introduction to Wagga Wagga audiences. I of course am talking about Leicohtica. Having been a staple of the Wagga metal diet now for six years this gig represents a major shift in the dynamic of the band.

This will be guitarist Rhys Mottley's farewell show from the group. The band will be playing tracks spanning the length of time that Rhys has been with us and will be a fitting farewell to a longtime friend who we all wish the best of luck to in his future endeavors at ANU!

Want more about the band? Check out the myspace; OR


SoulTremor originated in early-2007 as an unnamed, unknown idea brewing in the mind of guitarist / vocalist Matt Graham, who wished to form a metal band with its roots in old-school thrash music, but with a technical and progressive edge that was uncommon in the live scene. He found a kinship in lead guitarist Rohan Macdonald, and together they started honing and crafting the music style that ran deep within them. After nearly a year of endless and frustrating searching for quality musicians to suit the intensity and complexity of their desired sound they came across Matt Lloyd - drummer extraordinaire - who's love for metal and amazing ability helped solidify the line - up, and the final piece to the puzzle Allan Swaffield, a wise musician from Wagga (an Ex: Leicohtica guitarist) with an incredible work ethic and just as much hair on his head has proven to be the ONLY source of brutal bass lines to forge out of this band allowing them to take their music to the live scene.

The next wave is here.

Want more about the band? Check out the myspace;

Hope top see some of you there, and let others know at this link...!/event.php?eid=273856773850&ref=ts