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Project:/ Leicohtica - The Dead Soul Orchestra
« on: June 19, 2008, 10:33:13 AM »
To begin with I want everyone who reads this to understand that I have not consulted Hages on the validity of you undertaking any of the below projects as a part of your study. They may meet the criteria needed of you for your assignments, and they may not, time will tell, but there is a few projects that I would like some animation/multimedia etc students involved in.


Studio Diaries;
for someone who can be here over the break...

Leicohtica hits the studio to record its second album starting on Tuesday July 15th. We will spend three days in 'Flying Fox Studios' tracking drums, and further to that about 4 weeks on and off recording other instruments.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in spending long hours with us (the band) in a confined space filming interviews, discussions, general studio stuff and whatever more you want to contribute. We can do it ourselves, but this may be a good opportunity for someone if there is any interest.

We would want people to come to some rehearsals between now and when we hit the studio to record to film some preliminary (lead up) stuff.

For actual studio stuff... those involved will need to meet us at our rehearsal space at 7:30 - 8am on the Tuesday 15th for loading, then be expected to remain with us until 5pm. The wednesday and thursday would be 9-5 days respectively with more flexibility assuming you got most of what you wanted on the first day. Meals on these days can be paid for by the band (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea) if necessary.

We would be looking to release the first 'studio' diary the Saturday following our studio time (saturday 19th). The turn around is quick and will require several short videos to be made over the proceeding few weeks. We will have a video diary on our youtube account, and keep them as a video log. We will promote this as much as possible.

These video could include shooting the mixing process. The mastering process (might include a trip to Sydney covered by the band) and much more. You will have complete access to our material to cut this stuff together including the bands HD Video Camera and whatever other assets we can lend you.

You will get to see the making of a record from start to finish and be involved and credited in the subsequent release (1000 discs).

Applicants should understand that the band will talk about poo a lot.

PM me if interested.


Film Clip;
As most of you know last year multimedia students Matt Regan, David Orman and Jon Taranto worked towards creating a Leicohtica filmclip. This clip has aired on ABC TV's Rage, Sky Music Television in the UK and Europe and numerous other community networks across Europe and Australia.

Matt Regan is currently completing the second film clip from our debut album 'The Balance of Fire', and it is due for release within a months time.

The group is looking for able students who want to be involved in the filming and production of a third Leicohtica film clip. If you read what came before it you know we are hitting the studio very soon.

We would like to be able to bring out a clip very soon after the album is put together and perhaps release them simultaneously.

We have 'a' video camera that can be used, but we can probably source more if you cant. We have some ideas for the clip as we have an image to maintain, but are looking for creative people who want to have a lot of input and really run this as far as they can take it.

This could involve 2-3 days (may be nights) of shooting on location. We will cover all expenses you incur (fuel costs, food etc). If you are involved you will be credited in the Album booklet and CD sampler (1000 discs).

The clip will be for the song 'Orchestrations of Infinite Disorder'... hopefully that name gives you some idea of what to expect.

Again, applicants expect to hear a lot of talk about poo.
PM me if interested.