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Mac / Re: And the iPhone cometh
« on: July 01, 2008, 12:34:57 AM »
There is no way in the universe i would buy an iphone/itouch. Even if i got service. I don't want no internet, video camera, games, video or music on my phone. Hell, i don't even want a colour screen. All i want is something NextG that can make calls and recieve messages with an insane battery life.

Sure it sounds good in theory to make it do everything, but i know personally i would rarely, if ever use anything other than phone + music. If i wanted to play games on the road, i'd charge my f***ing gameboy. Watching video while travelling makes me NAUSEOUS. SOLVE THAT ONE APPLE.

160gb ipod ftw.

Music / Re: NIN - The Slip
« on: June 27, 2008, 10:31:45 AM »
i realy do like this album    i think ill start the 'dl' of the 96k uber version,   just because i can   (and im at home leeching my parents net :D  )

I recommend this, i put it on my player along with the 320 version. I'm pretty happy with 320, i mean you can't go uncompressed all the time, but if you can afford it you get reimbursed via sweet acoustics.

I'm totally entering the spanner mod i made for UT2003. The inspiration was from the gumby skin. I figured i could make something way more half-arsed than that ;)

Call me cynical, but what do they get out of a competition like that? It's not like there's any shortage of unreal mods, or wavering interest in the unreal series...

Sounds totally sweet though. Be sure to keep thread updated.

Comparisons / Re: PC/Mac Users
« on: April 24, 2008, 09:36:46 PM »
Okay, I finally feel as though it's worth me posting here.

As said in the Mac topics, I'm now a freakish hybrid Mac/PC user. I own a custom made desktop PC and a Macbook Pro.
My Macbook is currently functioning as my work station, as (although I've only had it for around a week) it has yet to crash on me, and it also has more processing power than my desktop PC (twice the damn videocard at that). I find it to be a more stable and work friendly OS. Also, over the past year I've been getting more and more distant from games; in year 12 I didn't go a week without playing one, now I can let a month go by without me even thinking about it, so that's become far less of a priority for me.
However, I still use my PC everyday. Admittedly, it's at least partly because of games (my Wii is hooked up to the PC, as the Macbook lacks any type of integration device), but also it's far more familiar to me. While I'm just getting into the more advanced features of Mac's initial software (Okay, yes, I've been playing around in Magic Studio on Garageband...) I feel safer with XP's file construction (I don't know, separating folders with a ":", it just doesn't feel right yet).
Personally, I think it's worth having access to both, as they have their ups and downs. While Maya works on a Mac, lots of 3D and compositing programs don't support it, and while Maya may be viewed as the 'be all and end all' as far as our Uni 3D work goes (except for maybe Rhino), it may not be what you're always going to be working with. Similarly, Mac has a few programs (though many to do with sound editing, such as Logic Studios, or Aperture for photos) that don't come around to the Windows side, though Windows certainly does rule the roost when it comes to its amount of software (at least in my limited experience), though this can be overwhelming and confusing. But realistically (once we're out of uni), despite the cost of a Mac OS machine (I no longer have a useful bank account), the price of Aperture, Logic Studio and Shake seems to be less than that of a full Adobe Lightroom/Soundbooth/After Effects license (although don't quote me on comparison of quality between them).
I think overall it's the ability to be familiar with both systems that is most important. You don't really know where you'll be working, especially first off; that may very well be what sets the OS you work with for much of your early career, but it's better to be prepared to work with either.

I also find it appealing that when i go down the main street, i pop into the Apple Store and ask "where's your gaming section?"

It's to the left as you walk in. You can have all the fun of Zoo Tycoon, available for a mere $50, so worth it for a seven year old game.
Okay, yes, and Guitar Hero III...

I'll buy a mac just so i play Glider Pro again...

PC / Re: 8 gigs of ram Vista Ultimate x64?
« on: April 16, 2008, 10:31:19 PM »
Ok   i just found out that my mb

Can take 8 gigs of DDR2 800 ram

since the new labs (i think) will be runnin vista   im doing some thinking if I want to update to Vista Ultimate   since its relatively cheap  and that

Now   i know that xp has some type of limited ram usage in 32 bit xp   with somthing like 4gig max in xp64bit

but i read somewhere that Vista Ultimate can cope with 8gig!

Also    those server motherboards with 32gig of ram     What operating system do they use to cope with that?

Has anyone tried this?       Or do u want to try to convince me to Not try this...


I think 64bit Vista is insanely cheap if you already own 32bit? 64bit is awesome, just so long as everythings compatible. Problem with 64bit XP was that noone made software for it. It's a lot better now though...

Community Projects / Re: Introduce Yourself!... Again! (2008)
« on: February 25, 2008, 08:42:49 PM »
Hi everyone im Brady (first year), as far as animation goes im a complete noob. I like movies with animation, games and shows like champloo, ghost in a shell and the street fight 2 series just to name a few. Also i got my laptop on the weekend its an ASUS dual core T9500 2.6gHz 3g ram 125+125g hard drive nividia geforce 8600(want 8800gt)...... and i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to what sort of software/hardware i should get that might come in handy. thanks  ;D

What up Braid-train?

You can't go wrong with photoshop, but you should take a look at GIMPshop if you want to save some serious dough. Also OpenOffice, it's a freeware alternative to MS Office that offers pretty much the same feature set.

PC / Re: New Build
« on: February 24, 2008, 06:47:28 PM »
Hey man.

If you're not going to be buying it for a while, there isn't much point committing to parts which will be obsolete by the time you get them. You don't need to spend big to get a decent workstation up and running. Including a screen, you could easy build something nice for under $1500. Just set a price-range, then once you hit it buy for best value.

Checkout Whirlpool.

For Sale / MSI 256mb 8600GT
« on: February 22, 2008, 10:38:52 PM »
Selling for $45.

If your just a casual gamer, with an old-school CRT or something, then this is the card for you!

It's around 6 months old, and will provide you with playable performance on everything*, so long as you don't go nuts on textures or reso. At 1024 x 768 (highest my monitor supported) It was averaging 60fps on COD4 maxed out. Except for textures.

If you have a 22" screen and want to play native, don't even think about it.

* Not including Crysis. Derp.

Community Projects / Re: Introduce Yourself!... Again! (2008)
« on: February 22, 2008, 10:00:20 PM »
I'm John from Junee, first year animation.

e-love to all, fellow bretheren.

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