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Title: 3rd Year TV Project: Animators/3D required
Post by: andrew.varvel on July 23, 2008, 11:19:39 AM
Hi guys,

I'm producing a 3rd year television production major project called 'TZTV: Tzatzikistan's best and only English news service'. It's basically a parody on world news set in the fictitious nation of Tzatzikistan (located where the Caspian Sea is).

I'm looking for some Anim/VFX student/students who would be keen to animate something akin to a news opener for the program - only around 10 seconds long with two 'stingers' - short 5 second animations that basically show off the logo. Not much 3D modelling would be required, but at the moment I'm thinking of an Earth with stylised blue-glass plates flying around it. Think something like the Channel 10 news opener would be the closest I guess. The logo has already been designed and it is just a square with  'TZTV' in white in the centre of it. 

If any one is interested in the project, please let me know at or reply here and I can talk to you in much more detail about it.

It's a uni project so no payment is involved, but definitely screen credit!

I can supply a 3DS project with an Earth already in it if that helps at all!

Many thanks

Andrew Varvel
Producer, TZTV