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Halo 3
« on: June 05, 2007, 06:11:36 PM »
Being an avid Halo fan i guess its time to ask the question,

Who's looking forward to Halo 3???


I'm fairly psyched for the game, for the multiplayer looks brilliant (check out the BETA footage). Extremely happy they finally introduced the Mongoose - something they tried to do in the previous games but failed. Im not sure if the return of the assault rifle is a good thing, but at least they kept the battle rifle in it as well.

I was upset when i discovered they had changed the controller layout, having kept the same layout thru the previous games, but apparently the new layout is alot better.. And its not like they changed much anyway.

New additions such as the Bubble Sheild, the man-cannon and the incredibly destructive Spartan Laser look like they will completely change the gameplay. And from what iv seen of the 2 lvls Snowbound and Highground... they look amazing.

One fear that i have is that they will do what they did with Halo 2, in which focus on the multiplayer took away from the short single player campaign..

Have to wait and see i guess.

And only those avid fans would b looking forward to the 'Legendary Edition' - the game + 3 special dvds full of wonderful featurettes and other features all contained within a bust of the Cheif's helmet... Its almost worth the $200 it costs. Otherwise theres always the normal edition, or the special ed - which comes at the base price and with one special features dvd.

Release: 25th September 07
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Re: Halo 3
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2007, 11:31:07 PM »
Hmm, not really psyched for halo 3.

Its not the fact I don't have a 360.... its more the fact that it looks like a shiny Halo with new weps... from what I've seen. I could be mistaken, it's certainly not looking like the console seller that halo 1 and 2 were... Still theres nothing wrong with a shiny version of halo.
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Re: Halo 3
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2007, 11:37:36 PM »
I've enjoyed Halo in the past, if only because of its co-op features, but yeah, the games just seem to be Halo one with something else attached, and while it's often a good attachment, you can't help but hope for some more... innovation.
I get that that'd be hard to make it very much so original. Halo was in development for years and years; hell, once it was going to be Mac Exclusive.
But still, I can at least look forward to making some two player damage. What better way to destroy a friendship than with a yell of 'I want the gunner position on the Warthog!'?
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