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How Flash Handles Sound
« on: September 17, 2009, 04:23:15 PM »
I'm posting this in response to this. I thought it better to start a new topic than to perform threadomancy on the other one. Even if that specific problem has been solved, I'm sure someone else will come up against it.

So here's the thing, I'm adding sounds to this animatic of mine, and some of them in their drawn out forms are three minutes long.  I thought by putting a keyframe at the point where you want the sound to stop on the sound later, it stops, but it's not working?  How do you make a sound shutup?  Do you have to use actionscript?

The problem here is that the wrong sound sync is selected. In the properties dialogue (while having a frame selected) you will see this.

The third column (as you probably know) is for sound. Under 'Effect' you see a drop down menu for Sync.
You probably have either "Event" or "Start" selected. What you want to have is "Stream." Stream forces the timeline to synchronise with the sound. A sound with a stream sync will stop if the SWF file stops playing. Also, a stream sound can not play longer that the length of the frame it occupies. Eg, if a sound is 20 seconds long in an animation at 12 fps, the sound will take 240 approx frames to play. If the length of the frame it occupies is only 120 frames long, the sound will only play for 10 seconds.

So, actionscript is not required, just select the right sync and put a keyframe at the point where you want the sound to stop.