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« on: September 02, 2008, 12:35:24 PM »
Dreamworks bought the rights to TinTin a while back, we all remember the TinTin comics im sure - and so 3 TinTin films are going to be made - all motion capture, photorealistic 3D (styled to the style of the comics).

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are producing/directing the films; Spielberg will direct the 1st, Jackson the 2nd, and at the moment they are planning on co-directing the 3rd. So that sounds like they're going to be 3 kick arse films. WETA is heavily involved of course, busy modelling character at the moment - Andy Serkis has signed on to play Captain Haddock - and i'm sure he'll do other mo-cap roles if needed.


But of course Spielberg and Jackson are pretty busy on separate projects at the moment (Jackson - The Lovely Bones [2009], Spielberg - Transformers 2 [2009]). I have a reasonable amount of faith in those 2 to make some kick arse films... As long as theres no input from George Lucas it will be fine. ;)
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Re: TinTin
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2009, 10:49:41 AM »
Why don't they start production already? I want to see how they do it and if they manage to do the comics justice.
I mean really, if you want to know what happens in The Lovely Bones you can just read the book, also you know who dies and who the murderer is from the very beggining. Plus a little hint, the good guys always win in Transformers!!!
That said, Tintin always wins too, but he does it with more old school style! And he has a puppy side kick. :)