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Call for Testimonials
« on: March 16, 2009, 03:34:47 PM »
As disgustingly self-congratulatory as Iím sure it sounds, marketing is enquiring whether any students are willing to quote their satisfaction with the Animation and Visual Effects degree. As seen on pages such as the official course brochure (yes - there is one), testimonials are considered fairly influential as theyíre purported to be a studentís first-hand unbiased assessment.

Iím sure Ali Murphy-Oates is a wonderful lady who has enjoyed fantastic experiences at CSU but unfortunately sheís never been in our degree or enrolled in any of our subjects. The quote is flattering and reflects the university in a positive light but is it possible that some of you are happy within the course and might be able to provide a better perspective i.e. more representative of the degree?

If youíd like to help promote the degree by this modest request, please consider emailing me (or marketing) a line or paragraph stating your satisfaction with the Animation and Visual Effects degree. Marketing will then contact you for confirmation and permission before any publishing. Oh, and if youíre wondering where my testimonials are, I wrote all the content you read on the official pages and staked my reputation that studentís in a rural university are more than capable of competing on an international level. So donít prove me wrong. ;D