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Course Enquiries / Re: help to find good place to study animation
« on: August 02, 2007, 01:40:07 PM »
the course at Enmore TAFE in Sydney has a good reputation - I have been in contact with one of our alumni who is studying there now, and he recommends it.
of course I recommend this course at Charles Sturt Uni - personally I can only stand being in Sydney for a day or two, Wagga is much more civilized.

Community Projects / Re: Coffee Machine?!
« on: June 30, 2007, 04:21:04 PM »
hey i didn't say you wanted to rip us off!  it's up to you how much you paid for your fridge and how much you want to sell it for.  i know we couldn't get an as-new one very cheap, but perhaps we don't need one in such perfect condition, just functional.  (i've never had, or wanted, a new fridge in my entire life.)
multimediaman i suspect you should have labelled your slab of pepsi - i saw it there and thought it was probably up for grabs - sometimes that sort of thing has happened in the past. (i didn't help myself coz i don't like cola drinks.)  but maybe it's a being a bit of a fridge hog to put it all in at once - you could have put a few cans at a time in the fridge and kept the rest in the locked multimedia club cupboard.

Community Projects / Re: Coffee Machine?!
« on: June 20, 2007, 12:09:05 PM »
i finally found this thread!  forgive me - as everyone knows, i've  been a bit preoccupied...
as djdan says, the multimedia club  has a dark blue cupboard (with a combination padlock) in the "quickbyte" at the jack cross centre.  this is for members to keep their mugs, coffee, cocoa, cup-a-soup etc supplies in.  i organised it a few years ago.   mm club members can get the combination of the lock from me.  there is also a kettle, a fridge, and a microwave in the room (as well as the softdrink and chips&lollies vending machines).  generally people do not interfere with stuff you put in the fridge.  i usually go to the jcc for coffee whatever time of day because it's too expensive at the nosh pit.   there is no sink (i tried to get one installed but this idea was just too hard for the bureaucracy to cope with), but there is a water fountain in the hallway where you can get water for the kettle and a garden tap not far from the jcc front door where you can wash your cup.
there was a coffee/hot chocolate vending machine in the quickbyte (a private venture) - i met the guy who owned it.  it has been removed, i suspect because of not enough sales.  it used coffee beans and ground them for each cup, but the time i tried it the result was quite disappointing.  hot chocolate lovers seemed happier, but anyway, it's gone now.
of course the problem with going up to the jcc for refreshments after hours is getting back into the mm studio.
clearly we are NOT permitted to have drinks in the computer lab.  i have been quietly campaigning for a students' common room in the art block for a few years.  when they were doing the renovations last  year i mentioned it to both the head of school and the facilities manager, but was told that space was at a premium.  i do feel that if we could have a place to put a small fridge, kettle and cupboard, preferably with access to a sink, i wouldn't mind drinking my coffee out in the hallway.  (before my fire i had a small fridge i would happily have donated, but sadly it is no more - i would be happy to contribute to buying a fridge, but i'm sure we could get a secondhand one for a lot less than $250).
perhaps when uni resumes we should have a petition for a bit of space.

CSU General / Re: sue's party
« on: June 19, 2007, 03:40:07 PM »
there has been very little interest in the bus - since it will cost a considerable amount, i'm thinking of cancelling it.  please contact me if this is a problem for you.

CSU General / sue's party
« on: June 12, 2007, 05:07:14 PM »
i finally received the get well card! - many thanks for all your good wishes.  on sat june 23rd i'm having a party to celebrate community spirit, friendship, the southern hemisphere astronomical new year, and renewal/the phoenix rising from the ashes.  it will be in the afternoon from about 2pm, and i've lined up some musicians i particularly admire (dave maloy, robert moss et al) to play. providing the weather is fine it will be at my place (between uranquinty and the rock), with a bus available (to save greenhouse gases and worrying about drinking and driving).  if it's rainy that day my alternative venue will be svpa courtyard/gallop gallery.  everyone welcome.  i'll put up directions about how to get to my place soon - just wanted to make this quick post so everyone will have as much notice as possible. 

UPDATE 15.6.07
(i’ve booked a uni bus to bring guests out - it will leave from accommodation at 1.30pm and pick up from any of the main street bus stops in town (east side - wave) and the bus stop at kooringal mall) *see new post (19.6.07) below
if you want to come out independently, drive to uranquinty, turn right across the railway line and proceed for approx 2km - take first left turn after you get out of town - Hanging Rock Rd - proceed along Hanging Rock Rd approx 5km (last 2 km is gravel road) to “Killearn” on right.  Go through gate and turn left, proceed about 200m

if it’s a rainy day the party will be at the uni - svpa courtyard and gallop gallery, and will start about 1.30pm to fit in with the ordinary uni bus times

if you need more info, please contact me
sue harding 6922 9991 mob 0405 497 621

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