Author Topic: Animator Needed – 3rd Year Television production project  (Read 1670 times)

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Animator Needed – 3rd Year Television production project

I was informed the other day that the producer of the “3rd Year television production live show wants an animated segments. Might make a good community Project, Jessica said she wants a flash styled animation with a real cut out photo as a the head. Sorry if this seem vague, but this what I’ve been told, of any ones interested Contact me at or Jessica at

This is the script she gave me.

A Day in the Life of…..Rupert Murdoch!

The segment will be introduced from a live segment


10 secs
 Host: Ah, Rupert Murdoch. According to the documentary film sensation, OUTFOXED he is “The Changing Man.” We know that he’s changed religions, beliefs, wives and even citizenships, all in order to get what he wants! Let’s see what it’s like in –



5 secs

15 secs

Our 70 year old man of the moment rises from his slumber and quickly stumbles to the closest mirror to make sure he is still Rupert Murdoch,the controlling shareholder, chairman and managing director of News Corporation - worth billions.

Mid-shot - Murdoch sits up in bed
Wide tracking shot -  moves over to a mirror
Medium shot - see’s his reflection which is of himself with dollar signs his eyes.

Straight after that he’ll check to make sure Wendi Deng, his gorgeous wife, almost 40 years his junior, is still in his bed.

Medium shot - Murdoch looks over
Wide shot - Wendi Deng sitting up cheerfully in bed, the room is made of gold.

20 secs

Murdoch attends a breakfast with a group of Chief Executive Officers.

Wide shot - Murdoch sits around a table with a group of CEO’s.

Murdoch asks Disney CEO to pass him the salt for his eggs and only receives a “Gee, Rupe, isn’t a favour something friends do? I’ve invited you to be my friend on Myspace, five times and you’ve kept saying no.”

Close up - A picture of salt and eggs on table
Close up - Disney CEO shakes head
Close up – computer screen:  with myspace friends list comes up with “Disney CEO’s Friends = 0”

The CEO of Time Warner’s passes Rupe the salt and even sprinkles it for him to defuse the conflict.

Close up - Salt being sprinkled on eggs
Mid-shot - Rupert Murdoch smiling happily at his eggs.


Murdoch receives word that the geniuses at Fox News are threatening to sue “The Simpsons” over parody of the right-wing news channel.

Wide shot -Murdoch sits at a desk and answers a phone.
 Still images/split screen - Picture of Fox news logo next to Homer Simpsons head.

"Simpsons" creator, Matt Goening refuses to cut the segment. Murdoch decides even he isn’t crazy enough to sue himself.

Mid-shot -Picture of Matt Goenig shaking head.
Wide shot - Murdoch back at desk and hangs up phone and put his feet on the desk and opens a chocolate bar.

20 secs

Rupert receives word over lunch that George Bush hasn’t invited him to his birthday party because he heard that Rupert had said that although he supports Bush, he believes he is a bad, or inadequate, communicator.

Medium shot - Rupert sits at the lunch table eating when his butler comes in and gives him a letter
Close up – of letter  which reads “You’re not invited to my birthday party, you’re not even a real American.”

Rupert feels a bit hurt because he won’t hear Bushes birthday speech about the war on terrorism.

Close up - Murdoch sheds a tear in.
Medium shot - Then flicks on the TV
Close up –  of TV: Fox News channel where Bush is saying a speech in a birthday hat.

15 secs

Murdoch receives a mystery phone call from a man he suspects has strangely over-sized eyebrows saying “Nerny nerny ner ner, you don’t get to go to Bushes birthday bash, that’ll teach you backing Rudd as future PM.”

Medium shot - Murdoch lays on his couch and picks up his phone
Close up - Murdochs face is confused.
Close up -  From the eyes up of John Howards head.
Close up – John Howards mouth moving as if talking.

10 secs



Host - From about 3pm onwards Murdoch watches FOX news, making sure each channel is airing a wide range of political pundits who are all passionate, surly, expressive and crazy as all hell to fill the hour with preposterous speculation and so-called analysis.