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Comparisons / Re: Organising Files, back ups, etc
« on: May 23, 2007, 04:24:15 PM »
I have things that are temp2afivewednesday.jpg and the like... eek.

yeah ive found the naming of file is directly related to my level of frustration. for one of my animations i found my file name changed as such: attempt01, attempt02, attempt03, final, final02, finalfinal, stupidsh*t, stupidsh*t02, f*ckingpieceofsh*t. and then there were 9 versions of bsarah01/02/03/04 etc and it was 04 and not 09 that was the final submission. annoying to say the least!

hey! i just found a cd with f*cking sh*t written on it. what will it turn up?

it was blank. so i suppose it was sort of sh*t.

so if i do decide to purchase a bigger portable hard drive where can i go to suss out which brand i should buy etc? ill do a search on the net. in the meantime does anyone know of a good site for comparisons?

Comparisons / Organising Files, back ups, etc
« on: May 22, 2007, 10:39:53 PM »
ok, wasnt sure where to put this subject so thought id stick it here.

was just wondering how people go about organising both their working and unused files. i am currently undertaking the tumultuous task of reorganising, backing up to cd / dvd and deleting files from my hard drive. Having only had a computer since the final quarter of 2nd year my biggest problem has been locating files and trying to decipher one file from another. I have some assignments spread over my hard drive, portable hard drive and numerous cds. As you can imagine this makes my work much harder!

So what are people doing to keep their files organised?

At the moment I am organising my folders into year/semester/subject/assignment#/program etc to keep everything nice and neat. I also make folders with all of the images/video/audio etc that any of my editing programs will be referencing. And a folder for my final submission and rationale.

Id like to compress most of my stuff and burn it onto cd/dvd to give me some space on my computer. Any pros or cons to saving my work this way? Should I invest in a big portable hard drive (my current one is only 30gig) and store my stuff there instead to avoid accidental data loss because of a scratched cd etc?

What do you do to keep your files organised?

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