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CSU General / Courtyard
« on: March 23, 2010, 10:59:38 AM »
Hello all,

You may have heard me preaching in the last week or so about the state of the drawing court which is next to the animation studio. Well get used to it because I will probably be going on about it for quite a bit longer! ;D

I am making this post for all those who may be interested in having that area refurbished so that we may actually be able to use it! If you've gone out there recently and had a look at it then it probably wouldn't have taken too long to realize the condition in which it is in. It's an eyesore and it needs some serious work. The tables and chairs are buggered, the garden is a wreck and the walls and brick pavement are covered in crap.

I brought this up with Jeff who is the facilities manager there and Rowan and they have expressed interest in the idea of it. There was apparently an initial plan to renovate the area but so far I've heard nothing of that coming to fruition. The courtyard has such promise and I am hating that fact that it is going to waste like this. There are a couple of people who are also interested but we need as much support as possible if we really want to get it moving along.

It would be pretty cool to actually have an area to chill out and stretch your legs if you're going to be spending the next couple of years confined to a computer, hm? We could get some new tables and chairs, cafe umbrellas, a stereo happening, a water cooler. Just imagine the possibilities! :)

Those late nights in animating solitude would sure become a whole lot easier!

Your "contribution" would not involve donating hundreds of dollars or anything like that. The most you might be asked to do is a bit of good-old fashioned manual labour! :D

If you're interested then could you please comment on this topic, talk to me or bug Jeff about it! (He loves getting these sorts of requests)

If you don't know where to find him it's the first corridor to your right before the SVPA theater. His office is at the end of the hall.

Hope to hear back from you!

-Jack :)

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