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CSU General / Just saw a CSU ad on TV
« on: September 21, 2008, 10:18:35 PM »
Just being curious

there was a 30 second add on TV advertising CSU     something along the lines of  'the world is getting faster/ trail car lights / world locations

and spinning talking head at the end

does anyone know who/ what company made this?  I did a quick google and came up empty


PC / encoding HD 1080p at 2x real time on home pc? sure why not
« on: August 20, 2008, 12:57:54 PM »
'Elemental Technologies from P-Town, OR, has developed a CUDA based encoder for Premier Pro due out in August that promises to speed up rendering 700% using NVIDIA GPU's (G80 and later). '

this is a demo

i think it is still only in SDK    does anyone have a working version of this?

i think this is big    check this out;aid=f6a4261c-5a03-4123-b651-0057b017551d

Real-time Visual Tracker by Stream Processing
'This work describes the implementation of a real-time visual tracker that targets the position and 3D pose of objects (specifically faces) in video sequences. Using a GPU and the NVIDIA CUDA technology, performance improvements as large as ten times compared to a similar CPU-only tracker are achieved.'

here is the main home

its going to take me ages to go through this :D

im dlin the CUDA sdk    but i will probably not be able to use it     not a programer     maybe it will be like gelato and be awsome    or not

Damit   why does this hav to clash with uni :S

New Techniques for Acquiring, Rendering, and Displaying Human Performances.

Who: Paul Debevec
When: Monday 28 July, 6pm-8pm
Where: Theatre 1, AFTRS Sydney

AFTRS and ACM SIGGRAPH present Paul Debevec

25 June, 2008

The Australian Film Television and Radio School, in conjunction with
SIGGRAPH Asia 2008  presents an evening of exciting insights into the
world of computer graphics and interactive techniques with Paul

Paul Debevec has developed many of the technologies used to create
photorealistic virtual characters and environments for feature films
and games.

He is the associate director of graphics research at the University of
Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies (USC ICT)
and a research associate professor in USC's Department of Computer

Paul will deliver a talk on New Techniques for Acquiring, Rendering,
and Displaying Human Performances

which will include:

   * insight into how to acquire, render, and display photoreal
models of people, objects, and dynamic performances
   *  info on image-based lighting techniques for photorealistic
compositing and reflectance acquisition techniques (which have used to
create realistic digital actors in films such as "Spider Man 2" and
"Superman Returns".)
   * Descriptions on image-based relighting with free-viewpoint video
to capture and render full-body performances and new 3D face scanning
processes that captures high-resolution skin detail
   * An investigation new 3D display that leverages 5,000 frames per
second video projection to show autostereoscopic, interactive 3D
imagery to any number of viewers simultaneously

When:    Monday 28 July, 6pm-8pm
Where:   Theatre 1, AFTRS Sydney

RSVP essential

To secure your place for this FREE talk email your name and phone
number to Cassandra at:

AFTRS is NOW located at 130 Bent St, inside The Entertainment Quarter.

   * Public Vehicle and pedestrian entrance to the Entertainment
Quarter is via the main entrance on Lang Rd.
   * The Entertainment Quarter is serviced by buses and Central
railway station is a short bus ride away.
   * More on getting to AFTRS >

More on Paul Debevec:

Paul Debevec is the associate director of graphics research at the
University of Southern California's Institute for Creative
Technologies (USC ICT) and a research associate professor in USC's
Department of Computer Science.

Debevec's Ph.D. thesis at UC Berkeley presented Façade, an image-based
modeling and rendering system for creating photoreal virtual
cinematography of architectural scenes from photographs. Using Façade
he led the creation of a photoreal animation of the Berkeley campus
for his 1997 film "The Campanile Movie" whose techniques were later
used to create virtual backgrounds for the "The Matrix"; he went on to
demonstrate new image-based lighting techniques in his animations
"Rendering with Natural Light", "Fiat Lux", and "The Parthenon".

Paul led the design of HDR Shop, the first widely used high dynamic
range image editing program and co-authored the recent book High
Dynamic Range Imaging. He received ACM SIGGRAPH's Significant New
Researcher Award in 2001 and recently chaired the SIGGRAPH 2007
Computer Animation Festival.

He is also involved in the inaugural SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 conference as
one of the Computer Animation Festival jury members.

CSU General / Free energy saving bulbs
« on: July 16, 2008, 10:20:16 PM »

dont know if it works    but free stuff is awesome... even if it is energy saving bulbs

PC / Testing Windows Server 2008 enterprise 64bit
« on: July 02, 2008, 09:19:26 AM »
Just dled the trial for windows server 2008 and got it to install

it seems to be able to un for 60 days before locking you out

if u also want to try it, u can dl the .iso from microsoft, burn it  and try it.

It has some cool stuff     like being able to minirot the kb/ mbps that the Harddrive writes, and what programs/drive/whatever  the harddrive is writting too,   it also has vista's search thingy in the start up menue and also its cool task manager with monitorin stuff

looks cool :D

Man im exited   this is AWESOME!

From epic games site

intel and Epic have teamed up to commence an all-new mod competition, the "$1 Million Make Something Unreal Contest," with winnings – including cash, hardware and even an Unreal Engine 3 license – exceeding $1 million. The contest will be judged in four preliminary phases starting in June 2008 and culminate with a grand final in fall 2009. Aspiring game developers will enter by creating mods for the PC version of Unreal Tournament 3 in a wide range of categories including environments, characters, weapons, gameplay, tools, vehicles and more. Mod-makers will use the same world-class Unreal Engine 3 toolset used to create Unreal Tournament 3 and Gears of War.

go here

I dont know much about deadlines as of such    but im considering through the mid year holidays doing a 1 month 'crunch' session to get an unreal 3 mod      mainly probably replacing characters and making the levels and making pretty spec maps ect

I already have a level from 206 last year that i did for ut2004   which could be a good starting point to put story and bad guys that jump out and make you screeeeem!

Just because im overenthusiastic and stuff... I would like to work (in the holls) with people willing to collaborate on any modeling/texturing/uvering/map ideas.    Basically stuff like    we have a 4 legged crab that is going to replace the 4 legged crab in ut3 which attacks you and makes u die!    um...   work like if someone wanted to do concepts   another do a model (nothing insain   ala mudbox 1 mill + ...) and another does uv   and texturing      and Ill cope with the technical CRAP like rigging so that everything works with UT ok.

Yes... im trying to avoid animation and Maya render times...     (hugs 8800gt)

I like the idea of giving out small amounts of work     that takes about 10 or so hrs to do   just to keep everyone busy thought the break

People interested?  yes?  no?            add me on msn

note: Im in lockdown for 3 weeks since uni is still on (as everyone knows)   but after that     MODERATION WILL COMMENCE!


PC / Forget Dual Quad Xeon! Get Quad QUAD Xeon :D
« on: May 09, 2008, 04:04:53 AM »
1x Quad cpu Supermicro X7QC3 board,  Price = $1200 [...] /X7QC3.cfm
4x Xeon X7350 quads (total 16 cores) , Price = 4x $3000 = $12000 [...] +tab_specs
16x Crucial  4gb DDR2 sticks (64gb ram), Price = 16x $600 = $9600 [...] 51272AF53E
2x Quadro FX 5600, Price 2x $3000 = $6000
Total = 1200 + 12000 + 9600 + 6000 = $28,800.00
+ some case , and psu(s) round it off at $30,000.00

     ok spending 30k on a pc is just dumb


Spending say 1000 on a motherboard that has hudge upgrade possablitiy     (190 odd GB of MEMORY  :o )

maybe 500 on powersupply   and 500 on case

and when waith 6 months for more money... u get another 500 get a cpu    then ram


then in the next 2 years buy another 3 quad cores   more ram     a quadro       and bobs you uncle

Does anyone like this plan for world domination!

Rendering / Maya Batch Render Crash Detection & Stats
« on: April 07, 2008, 03:33:43 PM »
So u have spent a long time making somthing in maya   and u want to batch render it out on your pc over a few days...

and it crashes...

And u want to know why, so that u can prevent it from hapening again     

this is a cool little program    called 'Core Temp'    u can get it free (100 kb  no install) here

put it on your desktop   and open it,  and make sure that under 'options---> settings' menu    that 'enable loging' is enabled

This will create a 'temp log' document     and will tell u what your computer was doing just before it crashed    this is the last entry of mine before it reset:

CPUID:      0x6FB
Processor:   Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (Kentsfield)
Revision:   G0
Time &    Date      CPU Speed   CPU#0 (Core#0)   CPU#0 (Core#1)   CPU#0 (Core#2)   CPU#0 (Core#3)
13:46:56 04/07/08                2400.00      59      57      54      58

So its probably to hot to render    or u can underclock your cpu to try to stop the crashing    or increase cooling ect

If i find anything else like this ill post it

PC / 8 gigs of ram Vista Ultimate x64?
« on: April 04, 2008, 01:36:35 PM »
Ok   i just found out that my mb

Can take 8 gigs of DDR2 800 ram

since the new labs (i think) will be runnin vista   im doing some thinking if I want to update to Vista Ultimate   since its relatively cheap  and that

Now   i know that xp has some type of limited ram usage in 32 bit xp   with somthing like 4gig max in xp64bit

but i read somewhere that Vista Ultimate can cope with 8gig!

Also    those server motherboards with 32gig of ram     What operating system do they use to cope with that?

Has anyone tried this?       Or do u want to try to convince me to Not try this...


Games / FPS VEST! omfg
« on: October 28, 2007, 09:24:46 AM »

Games / Crysis UT2007 Watercooling? 8800gtx/gts crazy people
« on: October 22, 2007, 10:14:00 AM »
Right  the year is almost over... Which means    most importantly

Crysis   for PC 

The true test will be in a few days   when the demo comes out

The demo was delayed for a month   and is coming out on 26th October!

This will be the true test to see if the 8800gtx is worth the money   or do we wait for the 8900 to come out   OOOoOOO shiny  and expensive!

To try to prevent this post falling upon dead ears... I would like to head some revival interest in the UT 2007 moding, that was so uber cool in 2004   but has died out as of recent times... (in my opinion)

lets not forget Gears of War to be released on the PC!  iv been monitoring this games since highschool!  and im happy as lary to see a release date for the pc!  yay

Like i cant wait to look at the mechanics of the cut scenes in the GOW editor   (assuming there is one :|   ill kick a door down if there isnt)

CSU General / Bored of the current forum layout?
« on: October 22, 2007, 03:20:44 AM »
Well if u didn't know

U can change it :D

If u log in  and go      Profile     and in the left menu bar under Modify Profile   click 'Look and layout preferences'

   Then   find the text "current Theme: and click on the "change link"

Currently Im using the 'Mesh' Theme  since the others seem to be under development.

Rendering / Gelato Wooot :P
« on: August 13, 2007, 01:26:04 PM »
Gelato     well    i think its cool    what does everyone else think?

PC / BOOOOM!!! There goes my computer :(
« on: June 15, 2007, 06:06:56 AM »
 The day has come that i have been waiting for... and it has finally come...

The complete destruction of my computer happend at 5:32 am Friday 15th June 2007  After being tourchered since 16th January 2007   when I ordered my Quadro on my birthday...

And yes... it did blow up,  i think the cpu (e6300   1.8 dual core   ran ok at 2.04 )  is 100% dead, since it made a death ridden loud pop and created a wonderful white puff of smoke that lasted for .3 seconds... and rose 1 meter in the air...

I asume that since the CPU is dead... the motherboard (asrock 775-dual vista) is dead... along with the maya 8.5 complete license that still had 6 months left. I have gone through 2 legit copies of maya in the last 12 months, the other maya version 8, would not transfer onto my new (well kinda) motherboard  so i got 8.5   

The other parts may be ok, I will probably send my whole rig to my friends in Melbourne   and they may be able to salvage the other parts  and i may ebay them (even though i got most of the parts off ebay)

So yeh   iv probably just killed about 900 dollars this cold frosty morning... and also the chance to further my 3d skills in the holidays... however  being forced into 2d hand drawn animation could be a good experience for me.

However, my complete computer destruction couldn't of come at a better time... if it hapend last week   it would of cost me more then 900 dollars...

But yeh, i know, U ALL TOLD ME SOOOO  ::) , and now   my computer is not more...

"plays funeral music"

My parents are going to kill me... they think im still running a stock pentium 4 system with a quadro in it...

Yeh  im dead

But good story anyway me thinks


PC / Backup Backup Backup backup!!!
« on: May 16, 2007, 02:18:31 AM »
im just wondering... what back up system (if any) is everyone using?

like if your computer has a software os failer... how long will it take to get back online again?

This is how im currectly using backups. the harddrives that I currently have is my portable 300 gig, and in my computer 1x80 gig, 200g and a 4xstriping raid0 with my xp-os installed on.

Say if my main xp raid install doesnt want to start up. Normaly because something crashed and corruption of programs. Then i have another xp image on my 200 gig offline backup system, that i just connect and we are back online. I move most (if i remember) of the important files from my main xp install to the 200gig storage and also the portable drive.  the portable also contains all the drivers so that (in theory) i dont need to access the web to rebuild my system.

I have the 80 gig 3rd layer backup if the other 3 levels fail to install xp (keeping the system restore disk in a safe place)and so that i can do a fresh install on the 80 gig and try to get back online.

but yeh, thats my current system. what is everyone else doing?

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