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Title: CSU Study Link
Post by: Hages on January 08, 2008, 09:08:02 AM
New and existing students feeling overwhelmed by the academic expectations of university might want to investigate CSU Study Link (

What is Study Link?
Study Link is designed to increase a student’s knowledge and skills and provide them with a clear understanding of the expectations of studying at University.

Some of the advantages for students in undertaking Study Link subjects include:

•   Better understanding of university study - students are introduced to the expectations of university study and are given the skills, tools and resources to assist them in meeting these expectations whilst maintaining their family, work and personal commitments.

•   Increased communication skills – students are equipped with the skills to competently navigate the various forms of communication tools used by CSU (eg my.csu, emails, subject forums).

•   Increased academic writing skills - students develop the skills to analyse essay questions, research material and then plan, structure and write essays.

•   Effective study skills – students are taught effective reading and note-taking techniques, how to prioritise work and meet deadlines and to prepare for and sit examinations.

•   Increased knowledge in specific subject areas – students who do not have a background in science or maths can undertake specific Study Link subjects to help brush up their skills help prepare them to deal with first year science or maths concepts.

All of these things lead to increased student preparedness which leads to better study practices which maintains student enrolments.

How does it work?
Study Link is a flexible program which allows students to enrol in a subject up to 4 weeks prior to the end of the trimester.
Subjects can be completed prior to commencing or during their course of study.
Generally, subjects are completed by distance education. However, some subjects are available in tutorial mode. Students receive a subject outline, which they work through at their own pace. All subjects will allow student’s access to a Subject Coordinator and fellow students via the online environment.

Study link subjects take between 13 - 40 hours to complete.

How much does it cost?
Undergraduate and postgraduate students who are enrolled as Commonwealth Supported students can undertake Study Link subjects free of charge. For all other students, the fees vary between $64 - $192.

What subjects are offered through Study Link?
The subjects that are currently available to study are:

SSS001   Transition to Tertiary Study               
SSS002   Academic Skills Development            
SSS003   Skills for Learning Online               
SSS008   Maths for Agriculture
SSS009   Mathematics for Calculus
SSS010   Introductory Chemistry
SSS011   Introductory Physics
SSS012   Introductory Science for Nurses
SSS013   Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences
SSS014   Stepping into Statistics
SSS016   Transition to Nursing Studies
SSS017   English Skills for Academic Writing
SSS018   Foundation Mathematics
SSS020   Transition to Tertiary Study for Indigenous Students

Subjects are available to international students who are studying onshore, with two subjects - Skills for Learning Online and English Skills for Academic Writing available to international students who are studying offshore. In 2006, there were over 2100 enrolments in Study Link subjects.

Brief subject descriptions can be found on the dedicated Study Link website –