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Title: Forum Etiquette
Post by: Hages on March 18, 2009, 11:26:34 PM
Some of you may have noticed that a few posts have been removed on occasion. The authors should consider it a service as several unwise comments didnít promote them in a positive light. Iíd like to remind some students to mind their rhetoric as being a university student implies you have the maturity to engage in articulate discussion in a public forum. We quite like humour here, even irony/sarcasm at times, but avoid comments and/or critiques that could cause offence; unacceptable to users of this forum who mainly look for insight, or at the very least wit. This forum can provoke ribald commentary and I donít wish to discourage any member from posting and expressing themselves but please differentiate between a controversial subject and being a controversial author. Always use Forum Etiquette and everyone will be happy. ;D