Author Topic: Crysis UT2007 Watercooling? 8800gtx/gts crazy people  (Read 1616 times)

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Crysis UT2007 Watercooling? 8800gtx/gts crazy people
« on: October 22, 2007, 10:14:00 AM »
Right  the year is almost over... Which means    most importantly

Crysis   for PC 

The true test will be in a few days   when the demo comes out

The demo was delayed for a month   and is coming out on 26th October!

This will be the true test to see if the 8800gtx is worth the money   or do we wait for the 8900 to come out   OOOoOOO shiny  and expensive!

To try to prevent this post falling upon dead ears... I would like to head some revival interest in the UT 2007 moding, that was so uber cool in 2004   but has died out as of recent times... (in my opinion)

lets not forget Gears of War to be released on the PC!  iv been monitoring this games since highschool!  and im happy as lary to see a release date for the pc!  yay

Like i cant wait to look at the mechanics of the cut scenes in the GOW editor   (assuming there is one :|   ill kick a door down if there isnt)

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Re: Crysis UT2007 Watercooling? 8800gtx/gts crazy people
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2007, 10:32:06 AM »
Unfortunately for me upgrading my computer this year is a no go since all the grain crops have already been harvested for hay (f***en drought). I've tried UT3 Demo and i must say its a good game. It still holds its place as a fast paced shooter. The weapon look nice too. THe inclusion of a Hoverboard is cool too. UT3 is on my list of games to get.

Hellgate London on the other hand was a big dissapointment. I dont plan on buying the game. The graphics were sub par. Interesting gameplay but not interesting enough to warrant my cash.

Crysis does indeed look pretty and will probably be one of the games i'll be buying. I can't wait for the demo.

Timeshift is another interesting game. Graphics wise its ok but the gameplay itself is more of a hit-and-run. You basically find new ways to kill people using time as a weapon. Sure its great stopping time and blowing a guys head off with 8 shotgun shells and finally attaching a grenade to his head, then reversing time to do it again. The game will get old.....quickly.

And yes, The Orange Box, i've always been a big fan of the games Valve has released. They have stuck with a game engine that has sersved them for years. And team fortress 2!!!!!! I'm definetely getting this game when i'm rich again.
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