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Title: encoding HD 1080p at 2x real time on home pc? sure why not
Post by: Luke on August 20, 2008, 12:57:54 PM
'Elemental Technologies from P-Town, OR, has developed a CUDA based encoder for Premier Pro due out in August that promises to speed up rendering 700% using NVIDIA GPU's (G80 and later). '

this is a demo

i think it is still only in SDK    does anyone have a working version of this?

i think this is big    check this out;aid=f6a4261c-5a03-4123-b651-0057b017551d

Real-time Visual Tracker by Stream Processing
'This work describes the implementation of a real-time visual tracker that targets the position and 3D pose of objects (specifically faces) in video sequences. Using a GPU and the NVIDIA CUDA technology, performance improvements as large as ten times compared to a similar CPU-only tracker are achieved.'

here is the main home

its going to take me ages to go through this :D

im dlin the CUDA sdk    but i will probably not be able to use it     not a programer     maybe it will be like gelato and be awsome    or not